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Yellow angry bird pills.

Yellow angry bird pills.

Over 120mg MDMA * HCl can be too much. Side outcomes such as “jaw grinding”, eye and nerve twitching, and even seizures can occur. With overdoses the frame temperature rises more and hallucinations can occur. The following days, after taking such high doses of MDMA, depression, poor concentration, sleep issues and loss of urge for food increase.

Deepweb said, that Regular consumption of big quantities of MDMA is neurotoxic and will increase the likelihood of irreparable brain damage. Information about MDMA * HCl substance: 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine Dosage: max. 1.5 mg MDMA according to kg body weight for men, max. 1.3 mg consistent with kg body weight for women. Onset / period of action: after approx. 30 min. / 4-6 hours.

Effect: MDMA especially causes an extended release of the body’s very own messenger substance serotonin. This launch triggers a sense of euphoria, lightness and light-heartedness. Sight and hearing change, contact and tune are felt extra intensely, inhibitions are reduced and the want for contact is accelerated. Hunger and thirst in addition to tiredness are reduced, attention is improved. Body temperature and blood strain additionally rise.

Side outcomes: jaw grinding, muscle tremors, nausea / nausea and elevated blood pressure. Heart, liver and kidneys are particularly closely loaded. There is a threat of dehydration or even warmness stroke as the body temperature rises. Safe use rules If you have no way to have materials analyzed, try a most of a 3rd tablet first, for the reason that there are a variety of excessive-dose drugs in circulation. Wait after taking 2 hours, because there are continually pills with unexpected active components in circulation, which one. In darknet you can always find even more information.

Remember: Drink non-alcoholic drinks (3 dl / hour) and take breaks occasionally in the clean air to prevent overheating / dehydration.

Accept if the impact comes to an end, because Ā«post-ripeningĀ» will increase the toxicity (toxicity) of MDMA.

You can find more information about this drug using darknet, deepweb and the popular tor browser.

Attention! Before taking this drug, keep in mind that its uncontrolled use will cause irreparable hurt to your health and even threaten your life. Use it in accordance with the foundations, taking full responsibility for your own life.

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