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Why teenagers use Darknet to buy extacy pills

Why teenagers use Darknet to buy extacy pills

A darknet is a place where people gather who have something to hide. Most of the pages of the shadow Internet are not indexed by the usual browser. Among inexperienced users, darknet, like any “secret society”, was surrounded by a halo of mystery and romance.

To see non-indexable sites, you do not need to have deep knowledge – just download and install Tor – software for anonymity on the Internet.

If simplified, then the essence of the work of Tor is to walk the data through several “onion” servers before contacting the requested page. This path is always chosen randomly, so it’s almost impossible to trace the source of the request.

Onion (onion) sites rarely have an easily pronounced domain name. Often, this is just a set of numbers and letters, so by chance or just to get to these sites is difficult. Some pages require an invitation or registration to enter.

Further depends on the site profile. The most visited sites on the darknet are forums-shops. There, sellers, buyers, and guarantors of transactions are added to regular users.

Here you can purchase almost any kind of drugs, weapons, forged documents, and hacking services. As on any trading platform, there is advertising.

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Only the content of advertising banners is different: on most of them, the seller promises prohibited substances of the highest grade. Some (less of them) are advertised by sellers of forged documents or weapons.

Of course, since everything happens anonymously, it is difficult to be confident in the quality of the services provided, in the decency of the sellers or the solvency of the buyers. Here comes to the aid of the administration of the forum, which eliminates the “unreliable”. Sometimes administrators act as guarantors of transactions, withholding payment until the full transfer of goods.

Drugs and weapons are sold using bookmarks – so the seller can protect himself as much as possible and not meet directly with the buyer.

Because of the availability of the drug, it is mostly taken by teenagers. That is why the inscriptions “smoking mixtures, salts, spices” with phone numbers of sellers can be seen not far from schools.

Young people often use darknet to buy ecstasy pills (mdma).

Ecstasy stifles the natural “alarm system” given to the body. As a result, after taking a drug, a person risks being on the verge of his physical strength and endurance. For example, a person under the influence of Ecstasy may not be aware that he overheats and may lose consciousness or even die from heatstroke. A study by the Institute for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Other Addictions in Switzerland found that 55 percent of those who regularly use Ecstasy suffer from many negative consequences.


• Inability to think reasonably 

• False sense of intimacy 

• Confusion 

• Depression 

• Insomnia 

• Extreme concern 

• Paranoia 

• Drug addiction 

• Muscle tension 

• Involuntary gnashing of teeth 

• Nausea 

• Blurring of vision


• Long-term brain damage affecting thinking and memory 

• Danger of damage to parts of the brain that are responsible for critical functions, such as learning, sleep, and emotions. 

• As if the brain switch was broken down in parts, and then re-connected with wires. 

• Damage to nerve fibers of nerve endings 

• Depression, anxiety and memory loss 

• Kidney failure 

• Hemorrhoids 

• Psychosis 

• Cardiovascular collapse 

• Convulsions 

• Death

Even if a person does not become addicted, four very real dangers await him:

DANGER # 1: Most ecstasy is only 40% pure, so there is always a risk that any ecstasy tablet or capsule can be “diluted” with other dangerous substances, such as heroin or cocaine, which are addictive. DANGER # 2: The need to increase the dose to obtain the effect. Consumers confirm that the “effectiveness” of Ecstasy is greatly reduced after the first dose. So you have to swallow more pills, and with it, the side effects are getting worse. As the effect diminishes, a person tries other drugs, and they are often more dangerous and can lead to addiction.

DANGER # 3: Consumers think they need to take other drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, to muffle the mental or physical suffering that effects cause after taking ecstasy. 92 percent of those who try Ecstasy also abuse other, more hard drugs.

DANGER # 4: The false notion that cool sensations are the only effect of ecstasy (which makes you take it more often and not only at techno parties). 67 percent of those who consume this drug continue to consume it, despite the consequences.

Catching sellers in the network is almost impossible. Mostly drug couriers are delayed in real life, and only then, when they are checked, they discover their connection with Internet resources. In the Tor network itself, the special services have not yet developed a successful action plan.

Their level of technical knowledge is almost zero, many do not know Windows, device networking, etc., not to mention Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. The differences between the FBI and the NSA are colossal. The government managed to find and plant Ross Ulbricht, they also closed many European underground sites, including pedophile sites. But it is sometimes very difficult to de-anonymize participants. For example, they try to “sell” something, then take it on the tab, sometimes the sly ask questions, trying to figure out personal data. But darknet users are very suspicious, except for all adolescents. So Darknet will prosper for a long time and bring evil to this world.

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