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Why teenagers use Darknet to buy cannabis

Darknet is a private network in which communication is carried out between its trusted participants, the so-called feasts. It differs from other peer networks in that the IP address is not publicly available, thereby ensuring the anonymity of its members. The term “darknet” appeared in the 70s of the last century and meant networks isolated from ARPANET, the prototype of the modern Internet. Although the darknet could receive data from the ARPANET, the feedback was not available because the addresses of the “dark” networks do not respond to requests from outside. Today this term has a wide meaning and means parts of the virtual space that are not regulated by censorship.

Darknet is often confused with DeepWeb, which is a blunder. If the first term means a separate network, the second indicates a collection of non-indexed sites on the Internet. Such sites are usually not linked by hyperlinks to other web pages, which prevents search engines from finding them. It is also possible to hide your resource by the voluntary refusal of indexation using the robot.txt file, which in this case should be written to the root of the site.

The difference between darknet and Deepweb is how to access these resources. To enter the “dark” Internet requires special software, the most popular of which are the browsers Tor and I2P. This will allow you to surf the Tor domain territory, which has many mirrors in the I2P network. Browsers use several layers of encryption – chains of proxy servers, which are chosen arbitrarily. Thus, sequential encryption of the data packet occurs. You can download browsers on their official sites: torproject.org (Tor browser) and geti2p.net/ru/ (I2P). And to visit the web pages of the deep Internet (Deepweb) it is enough to know its exact address, not counting the cases when authorization is required.

Most Tor users come to it for banned substances. The purchase scheme is simple: a person pays for goods with bitcoins (for anonymity), and then receives the address of a “bookmark” – a secluded place in a suburb or residential area in which the goods are hidden. The range of stores includes hundreds of items and the delivery of virtually any drug in a major city takes no more than a few hours.

Young people often use darknet to buy cannabis.

Marijuana is the most common illegal drug in the world. A survey conducted in 2002 showed that in the United States alone, 14 million people smoked marijuana at least once during the month preceding the survey. Marijuana is usually smoked by twisting into cigarettes (shoals), but it can also be smoked like tobacco in a smoking pipe. Less often, it is mixed with food or brewed like tea.

Direct effects of marijuana use include increased heart rate, disorientation, lack of physical coordination, often replaced by depression and drowsiness. Some feel panic and anxiety. But the problem is not limited to this. The active ingredient in cannabis, THC, is deposited in fat cells and organs such as the brain, genitals (testicles and ovaries), spleen, liver and lungs, and cannot be eliminated from the body in the blood or urine. What does this mean for a drug addict? Even if he stops taking the drug, you can continue to experience the physical and mental side effects of this for months and even years. Smoking marijuana and hashish cause more lung damage than smoking tobacco. The risk of lung cancer is 5–10 times higher among marijuana smokers than among tobacco smokers.

Chronic marijuana smokers often suffer from bronchitis and inflammation of the respiratory tract. Marijuana changes the structure of sperm cells, deforming them. Thus, even a small amount of marijuana can cause temporary sterility in men. Smoking marijuana can upset the menstrual cycle in women. A pregnant woman who regularly uses marijuana may prematurely give birth to an underdeveloped and underweight child. Children whose mothers took marijuana or hashish before or during pregnancy are 2-5 times more prone to cancer. The risk of having a child already ill with cancer is 10 times greater than the same rate among non-drug mothers. Hemp causes many other chemical changes in the brain that are not yet fully researched and understood. In monkeys who were given marijuana in clinical studies, severe brain damage was observed.

The police and the FBI are well aware that young people buy grass through the Internet. They also know about Tor and learn to fight it. For example, they sometimes post their fake ads there and try to get in touch with the local public.

But concluding by the discussions on the forums, more often just walking around the area, tracking down junkies and sticks. Or find informants who report acquaintances to drug addicts.

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