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Where to Buy Drugs Online (not like me)

Where to Buy Drugs Online (not like me)

Best places to buy drugs online without using unsafe Darknet markets:

>> BestDarknet.com – Buying drugs from Darknet markets in Web

>> Directdrugs.to – Fast P2P market, drugs directly from vendors

In this article, I’d love to share my experiences of purchasing drugs online. Plus, I’ll share valuable recommendations on the safest ways of doing so!

From time to time, I take ketamine, MDMA, cocaine, Xanax and fentanyl. Around a year ago, one of my friends recommended a reliable vendor to me who sells these substances online. Since then, I’ve been buying my stuff with this supplier. Alternatively, I could have purchased drugs from various people whom I would meet offline. However, I prefer to place orders over the Internet. First, such an approach ensures a higher quality of goods. Second, it’s much safer.

I Use the Regular Internet Instead of the Dark Web

Normally, illegal substances are sold on the dark web. However, I order my staff through the open web and it doesn’t involve excessive risks. My vendor resorts to encrypted apps. Thanks to this method, the seller and I eliminate the middleman from our deal. Since we don’t have to pay a commission to a third party, the price of staff becomes more affordable for me. The vendor, for their part, doesn’t need to share a percentage of their profit with anyone else. I know that this scheme will probably look unusual for most drug users. That’s why I’d love to turn your attention to it and tell you in detail how it happens. I guess, my recommendations should come in handy for those who’d like to avoid extra expenses or can’t access the darknet for some reason.

Cryptocurrency Is the Vital Prerequisite

For safety considerations, you should avoid using fiat money for purchasing drugs on the Internet. If you’ve never used cryptocurrencies before, please make a bit of effort into getting them. It’s not necessary to become a geek. The wisest way out is to sign up for Coinberry or another similar platform. I live in Canada, so this option works perfectly for me. Such platforms enable you to send fiat funds to your own account and convert them into crypto with minimum effort. I buy my stuff domestically. But if you’re planning to order drugs from abroad, crypto will be indispensable for you.

Start with Finding a Reliable Vendor

You and I are lucky enough to have access to a stable Internet. We have a chance to get drugs delivered to our doorstep, safely and at a competitive price. Thousands of marginalized drug users lack this opportunity.

Nevertheless, even the most privileged individuals have to start with finding a credible vendor. It would be awesome if someone could recommend such a seller to you. The best way out is to rely on the advice of a friend whom you personally know. Otherwise, you should glance through the reviews that customers leave online. The most obvious platform for searching for such reviews on the open web is Reddit. Plus, there are tons of reviews on the darknet.

Have a Chat with Your Vendor

It’s not obligatory to have a conversation with the vendor before placing an order — but it would be wise to do so. Here are a few examples of what you can ask them:

  • How is your business going?
  • Do you accept new clients?
  • Could you please share your current list of products and services with me?

Stay vigilant and make sure you won’t reveal your real name or any other personal details to a stranger. There are quite a few secured apps to choose from where you can exchange messages anonymously. Signal and Wickr are the most evident examples.

Order a Small Batch First

When you resort to the services of an unknown vendor for the first time, purchase the smallest amount of their staff. It’s a great way of establishing mutual trust. The seller will understand that you’re an experienced and responsible user. If you like what you get, increase the amounts of your next orders gradually.

How to Deliver Drugs Safely by Post

Canada Post has a right to open a package only if it weighs more than 30 grams. To open a smaller package, a warrant is required. That’s why I keep my orders as tiny as possible. However, if the vendor sends the staff to me from abroad, Canada Border Services Agency can open a suspicious package regardless of its size and weight. Please mind that the law might vary in other countries and plan your purchases according to your current jurisdiction.

My orders usually arrive inside DVD cases. I always ask for a tracking number to be aware of the whereabouts of the package.

Start Low and Go Slow

Every time you receive your order, test it carefully. Some people think that this rule is valid only when they buy drugs from an unknown vendor for the first time. But this is a universal principle. The powder might be pure or cut. Moreover, certain drugs might be branded as different substances. This situation is typical of fentanyl. Many markets prohibit selling this product, so vendors disguise it as heroin. Other vendors might be genuinely unaware of the contents of the products that they offer. So please test the staff every time before using it.

During an ideal testing procedure, some other person should assist you. They should avoid taking drugs themselves and they should have naloxone on hand. If no one is ready to be physically present by your side, ask your friends to stay in touch with you by phone, through Zoom or with the help of another app. If they see that you’ve overdosed, they will call emergency medical services for you.

Provide Feedback

I’ve overdosed on the staff that I bought from the vendor whom I’m describing in this article. I reported the situation to them. They took this information into consideration. The next time, they sent me a different substance. All vendors who take their job seriously would do the same. They strive to maintain a good reputation and make a consistent profit. This business might suffer if their clients die and their acquaintances spread this news online.

Harm reduction in using drugs is an incredibly important idea. Hopefully, lawmakers will realize it someday and will adjust the legislation accordingly.

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