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Wall Street Market

Wall Street Market

Hello everyone! Today my review is about one of the DarkNet markets where users can purchase drugs. Without this necessary-for-party stuff the modern youth can’t imagine a great time. I was searching the Darkweb on a subject of available drugs, and I came across Wall Street Market on the website http://wallst4qihu6lvsa.onion. Note this kind of web businesses that offer illegal prohibited products is banned in the public Internet. I used Tor browser to get access the web store.

This shop sells a wide range of different things and products such as drugs, counterfeits, jewelry, gold, carding ware, digital goods, software and other. The website looks pretty simple, but navigation doesn’t seem easy. There are a lot of things on the first page that you can get lost for a moment on the website. This web free market is designed for cooperation between vendors and customers. It is like a huge trading platform. The problem that I stumbled upon was a limited access. It means that usual users, who didn’t pass registration, can’t get in the market. First things first, only registered users can enter and purchase on the website.

The Drugs section comprises 9539 available positions a total. You will find Cannabis, Ecstasy, MDMA, Opiates, Stimulants, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Steroids, and Benzos among other. It seems like they really have to offer. Such a big choice attracts plenty newcomers who advise this web market to each other. This web service has more than 10000 current users by now.

This web store accepts only cryptocurrency as a payment method. A lot of darknet markets moved to the crypto payments as this way is considered the most secure and protect one. The both sides: vendors and customers – keep their personal and financial info safe and remain anonymous. The more detailed info is available on the website. But we know for sure that customers can pay only with crypto coins, therefore you need to obtain some bitcoin before coming here.

Overall, this DarkNet store seems us unreliable and suspicious. We decided to purchase some drugs to ensure. We went on the platform, chose a vendor and sent a couple of drug products to the cart. Then we moved to the payment section, but couldn’t manage to pay via btc. The script error occurred and the website stopped working at that moment. We didn’t understand what we did wrong. We decided to ask former customers on private forums online. Users’ reviews divided into positive and negative ones. Some were deceived by vendors from Wall Street Market, who took users’ money and didn’t send them products in return. The others considered this service as a reliable web market.

Guys, share with us and our readers your personal experience about dealing with this darknet store to make a conclusion about this platform. Maybe it helps us out when we need some stuff for party.

Remember that drugs can harm health – be careful with it!

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