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One day we were searching the Internet with the purpose to find a good online shop with a wide range of drugs. Rumor has it, there are a lot of drug stores exclusively in the DarkWeb, but however the public Internet also has to offer. Searching the Internet, we stumbled upon http://wadoresearchchem.com/. This website doesn’t require using a proxy or anything else to enter the store. Also, it is not necessary to pass registration to have a look of available products.

The website looks friendly and easy-to-navigate; the first welcome words attract attention of customers and make to stay for a while. The homepage has a range of products with bright pictures and short descriptions. The website has several sections: Home, Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My account, Contact US, Payment, and Delivery&Shipping. It is quite obvious what each of these tabs consists of. To make an order, a customer has to register. There are already about 10000 users-customers.

The web store definitely has to offer. There is a wide list of drug products that everyone will find more appropriate stuff. Customers can choose what they like by pictures that are high quality. There are represented the next product categories: Ecstasy, Psychedelics, Research chemicals, Dibutylone, alprazolam Powder, 1P-LSD, MDMA, Cocaine, Meth and others. There are 29 available positions with various volumes. The product line is updated daily due to new trends in the drug business.

This website, as many similar drug stores, prefers cryptocurrency payment method as it is a safe option for a seller as well as for a customer. They both can keep their personal data anonymous and deal at the same time. This web store accepts only Bitcoin. Also, this online shop accepts wire transfers like MoneyGram and Walmart. Moreover, you can pay for orders with Gift cards such as Steam, Amazon, and Vanilla Visa. The shipping is discreet and comes confidentially. Customers can sleep well waiting for their drugs’ delivery. In case you don’t have any crypto coins, it is easy to purchase some. There are a lot of web exchange platforms where you can find affordable prices for coins.

Then we checked the domain history. The date of registration of this domain is 16.04.18. Due to that this web service has been operating for about 2 years. It has its regular customers and probably sells quality stuff.

We went for a deal to try their stuff. First, we got an account by filling out a registration form. Then they asked to confirm the procedure via a link they had to send us. However, we didn’t receive any email back to our mailbox. So, when we went to the website again, the script got error and the website got broken – stopped working. Unfortunately, we couldn’t check the quality of products. Therefore, we passed through private forums where some users were completely angry with this service as the vendor gave their money, but didn’t ship the orders in return. The others said good words and recommended dealing with the http://wadoresearchchem.com/ shop.

We ask you, our readers, to share with us your experience with this web store. If you dealt with them or your friends have what to say, please, let us know about their reliability. Also, be careful with drug use – it can harm your health!

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