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The Majestic Garden

The Majestic Garden

Hello guys!

Today we are gonna talk about the DarkNet markets that sell drugs and other forbidden stuff. As we deal with dark business, we have to go to the Darkweb instead of public Internet. Of course, it is also possible to find a few drug shops in the web, but the chance is very small and the price will be much higher, comparing with the darknet platform price range. Moreover, customers can find a huge selection of all kinds of drugs only in the DarkNet for sure. So, we were searching the net and stumbled upon The Majestic Garden store on the http://2oywvwmtzdelmiei.onion website. Let’s clear this store up together!

The website looks friendly and simple. There are a lot of tabs and sections. The website is designed to be a free market platform where many vendors can place their offers and find their customers. Due to that, the website navigation can seem a little difficult for newcomers. However there are many opportunities to find more appropriate stuff when you have many different offers. On the other hand, it is hard to choose something when there are a lot of good products. It is all about the choice and preferences. If you like searching and exploring – this kind of web platform is definitely for you! Otherwise, you can get lost among this huge amount of available positions.

This online shop has many to offer. There are a variety of drugs, including Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, MDMA, LSD, Benzos, Cannabis, Hashish, Dissociatives, Opioids, Prescription, Steroids, Stimulants, Psychedelics, Paraphernalia, and others. Everyone is able to find that he is looking for. As we mentioned before, there are also plenty sellers that offer only high-quality stuff at affordable prices (as they describe themselves). To make an order, new user has to pass registration first by filling out the special short form. Only registered customers can get access to cart and payment. By the way, the website counts around 3000 available positions for sale and about 20000 registered users.

This web store just like many similar ones accepts only cryptocurrency as a payment method. Customers can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin and probably a few others cryptocurrencies; you need to check this info right on the website in the Payment section. The crypto method is considered the most protective payment method, because it keeps both sides of the process safe. The personal and financial data is encrypted. A seller side and a customer side stay anonymous though. In case customers don’t have any crypto coins, they can purchase some on the special crypto exchange platforms. There are a lot of these web resources throughout the Internet.

We couldn’t make any conclusion at the end of our website investigation, that’s why we decided to order a couple of products to check how the service works and what is the quality of the offered stuff. Firstly, we needed to fill out the registration form that we did successfully. Then we went to our mailbox and started waiting for a confirmation email. However, we didn’t get anything next day. So, than we went back to the darkweb market, but the website script got broken. It was very unusual; therefore we decided to look through independent reviews of former customers and users on private forums. Users had contradictory opinions about this The Majestic Garden web store. Some users received bad quality stuff, others have been deceived by money, but third left positive comments.

Finally, we were confused even more. Therefore we wanna you, our readers, to leave reviews with your personal experience about this unreliable drug market.

Also, we want to warn you to be careful with drugs since abuse can lead to bad consequences!

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