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The French Connection

The French Connection


We were searching the Darknet to find some drugs for a great party. One of our friends came across the following website http://abyssopyps3z4xof.onion/ that’s called The French Connection. The Darknet is full of drug markets that sell a variety of different stuff. However you can find them only using Tor browser or other proxy services. We used Tor to get access to this shop. Read our article properly and you will find out more about this particular drug store.

The website greets us with the picture of a French man and quite simple design. This website has several tabs and more complicated navigation than usual drug websites. There are 6 tabs: Home, Products, Cart, PGP Key, FAQ, and Links. On the homepage you can see the registration and login form. Also, there is the payment method (btc) information and other latest news about this shop operation. Next tab is Products consists of a product line with all available positions with a price, picture and volume. The Cart tab is, obviously, a shopping cart where a customer sends to the products for making a purchase. The FAQ tab comprises frequently asked questions that are popular among customers; you will probably find almost all the answers in this part of website. The Links tab includes links with web addresses to the other networks.

This drug shop offers a wide range of drugs, including Heroin №3, Heroin №4, Heroin “Brown Sugar”, Heroin “Black Tar”, Methamphetamine (from Ephedrine), Cocaine (extra pure), “Nespresso” XTC pills, Speed Paste, Crystal Meth, Crystal MDMA, P34 hash, etc. A total amount of available positions is 40. If you click on name of the product, you go to the detailed description of it. Remember, you need to be careful with drug use!

It is necessary to be a registered user to make an order on this website. Then all customers need to know that this darkweb resource accepts only Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC/XBT) as a payment method. If you don’t have any, you can obtain it via many services in the Internet. The drug store implemented over 20000 successful sales and got more than 10000 registered users.

Well, we learnt a lot about this drug store and decided to make our own order out there. We weren’t sure about this store. We started with the registration as it was necessary part. We filled out the registration form and were waiting for a confirmation email. However we didn’t receive it next day and never. We were disappointed and went back on the website, but the script was broken. So, we decided to check customers’ reviews on private forums though. The comments of former customers about The French Connection turned out to be contradictory. We met positive and negative ones. Some users complained that they paid with btc for the orders, but they didn’t receive the delivery with drugs. A few users were satisfied with shipping conditions and the stuff quality.

Summing up, we didn’t make any conclusion about this web store. We want to ask you, our readers, to share your experience with us below in the comments. Keep in touch!


  1. Anyone have tried yet?

    LSD is not a real LSD but NBMOe substance (very dangerous) but they lower dosed LSD on the tabs, so it will pass the ehrlich reagent test.
    Also Heroine is not heroine but fentanyl..

  3. Order never received

  4. Never received my order. Scammers.

  5. Never received for two times.

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