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Pint Tochka free market

Pint Tochka free market


Hello guys!

I was searching the Darkweb yesterday night and came across one of drug store out there – Pint Tochka free market, a link http://tochka3evlj3sxdv.onion. I was surprised as it was exactly that I needed. However I have heard of many scam-stories about drug Internet business. Therefore, I asked my friends to explore this store together. It is impossible to get into the website using ordinary browsers as the Darkweb is available only on private and closed platforms. I used Tor browser that is free and easy-to-get thing. The discovered drug shop was full of different stuff. Let’s see closer.

The website turned out to be closed. That is, if you want to enter – you need to pass the registration. It is usual when this kind of shops requires the registration before letting newcomers get in. This rule didn’t stop me, of course. It took about 2 mins, and I entered the shop successfully. I guess this strict registration requirement was designed to protect the web market from disinterested users. The website greets us with the pictures of available products and has a quite bright colored background. The website looks not so easy for understanding. There are a lot of info on the first page and many tabs. However, you will find the Categories list that includes drugs’ group without any difficulties for sure. All you need is drugs. So, choose what you like and go to the payment part.

This darknet service operated from 2014 (for 5 years). They mentioned on the homepage that they have cooperation with 1360 vendors and have 4391 orders at the moment. There are 2 product lines that can be interested for us: Drugs and Prescriptions. The Drugs tab comprises the following stuff: Cannabis (buds, hash, oil, etc.), Stimulants (Cocaine, Meth, Mexedrone, etc.), Psychedelics (LSD, DMT, DOM, etc.), Empathogens (MDMA, Ecstasy, GHB, etc.), Opiates, and Dissociatives (Ketamine and 3-MEO-PCP). This drug store clearly has something to offer. Here you can find even the rarest editions of drugs, but also pay for such a pleasure will be good. A total amount of available drugs is up to 10000 positons. Everyone will find what he is looking for on this website.

When it comes to the payment process, you can find a manual instruction on how to pay for orders on the special web page. The thing is that this darkweb market accepts only cryptocurrency (BTC) as a payment method. The instruction includes links to the web crypto exchanges if customers don’t have bitcoin. It is usual to use cryptocurrency instead of fiat money as this method is considered to keep both sides anonymous and protect personal and financial details.

Anyway, in our opinion, this darknet drug store looks like an unreliable place. Therefore, we decided to make an order on this web store to check their product quality. We registered and sent a couple of items to the cart. When it was time to pay for the order, we couldn’t send btc (the address was wrong). Well, we didn’t get any reply at the end. We also tried to contact customer support, but they didn’t respond either. Then we checked some private forums to find the answers there. Some former customers were completely dissatisfied with Pint Tochka shop as they took their btc and didn’t give them products in return. Others left positive reviews about the same shop.

I don’t know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. Therefore, we ask you, our readers, to share with us your reviews and experience below in comments that simplifies making a final decision! Good luck and be careful with drugs!


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