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Looking through the Darkweb, we came across a website that sells drugs. Actually, there is a quite wide choice of online drug shops that complicates the search of the reliable one. The website http://newpdsuslmzqazvr.onion/, that’s called PEOPLES DRUG STORE, offers several kinds of drugs that everyone can anonymously purchase online. Keep in mind, this sort of store is prohibited in many countries, that’s why government blocks such sites for open access. Therefore, it is possible to get in only via Tor browser. We did it in this way.

It seems like the website is designed easy-to-navigate. The homepage comprises a motto of the store, a list of categories of the drugs, a product range with detailed descriptions and quick access to other tabs: Products, About Us, FAQs, Register, and Login. The About us tab includes the shipping policy, the refund policy, and customer service information. It is necessary option to register out there in order to purchase drugs. Design of the website looks dark as well as the dark nature of the business.

The product line of the store has to offer, it includes Heroin, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Speed, Cannabis, and Prescriptions. Every position has its description (the production country, a guide on the use and a quality of the stuff). Overall, there are about 50 offers that have a double price: in USD and in BTC. It is obligatory condition to be registered user to begin making orders online. There are around 10000 people have been already registered. Speaking of the most popular product, Heroin and Cocaine stand out among others. The store is considered to offer the purest stuff №4 grade Heroin and Cocaine (85%) are imported from Peru and Colombia.

This online drug shop accepts bitcoin for payments. They set their own course USD/BTC and place the rated prices right on the Products page – in front of each position. The crypto payment method allows keeping privacy for the both sides; it protects personal and financial information very well. The Darkweb vendors prefer to use cryptocurrencies for the payment deals as it is safe for them as well as for customers. As for their shipping policy, they make the delivery possible only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They ship to all countries worldwide as they claim it on the service page. Moreover, the delivery to the USA and Canada are supposed to be free.

To our mind, this darkweb market looks very doubtful and not high quality. We tried to register out there, but we didn’t get an `email confirmation (the script gave an error, the site stopped working). Looking for reviews on private forums about the store PEOPLES DRUG STORE, we found contradictory information. This store accepts cryptocurrency as payment for orders, but do not send the products until the payment is done. There are also some positive comments and reviews. It made us confused about this drug store.

Anyway, we are waiting for your feedback about this store in the comments to make a final conclusion about this online shop.
Remember, drug use is harmful to your health!



    • Bastards at PEOPLES DRUG STORE STOLR $400 I sent to what I thought was my account. Its been 3 weeks and it still isn’t there. They tell you they’re soooo busy they cannot answer your message until you make an order. Problem is ,,, you can’t make an order with no money in your account to make the order with. It says they are TOR verified. Such bullshit. How c an this be allowed?

    • I confer – People’s Drug Store is a total SCAM – lost all my ca$h.

      BitPharma is a SCAM as well.

      Both sites use almost identical user interfaces.

      No way to contact them after order is placed.

      BASTARDS – why can’t they be removed from the dark web!

  2. Can I get a 2nd confirmation that the Peoples Drug Store is total BS?

    If anyone has been able to get ludes, or anything from them for that matter in the last three months (NOV2019, DEC2019m JAN2019) Please share.

    We need to get a verdict on this source. Once we do, Ill update the darknet wiki.

    • Any luck?

    • I personally confirmed it it a fraud. I added 2 posts. Sucks since I found it in the links.

    • 100% scam. You need to register and have money in your account in order to make an order. Once you transfer the money to what is supposed to be “your account”, you can no longer login. All references to this “store” should be removed. It looks persuasive but any positive reviews must be fake.

  3. I just placed an order this past Friday evening. Per their site, it should be mailed today. I will absolutely share an update as to what happens.

    • I’m curious to know if your order ever arrived?

    • have you found a legit site?

  4. I as well put a small order in, will update here

  5. It is a fake. As soon as you make order and pay they lock you out of messaging. Its a total fake.

  6. Scam. They never credited my wallet after I sent the bitcoin. I double verified that I sent the funds to the correct bitcoin address. I find it funny that you can not message them until you’ve placed your first order yet your money never shows up so you can place your first order…

  7. Well, It is now confirmed The Peoples Drug Store is a 100% fake and fraud. I gave it 2 more weeks, and my order still said “In process”, and not my previous login doesn’t even work on the site now. I was an amateur that did no research. Lesson learned.


    • Yep me too, wish I had done my research before buying. Fuckers. AVOID AVOID AVOID

  8. Same here! Stay away. Complete RIP OFF.

  9. Rip off! Placed an order and nothing! No communication, nothing! They don’t even have an email or anyway to contact them listed on their website.

  10. no dice. Scammers. ordered 4 weeks ago and order is still pending and you can’t send them any messages. I put a bit more in their wallet to cover and the drain it all out.

    So for sure scam!!! stay away.

    Anyone have any luck with sites that actually ship?

    • Cannahome or Empire

    • I lost over $300 and can’t message them despite having a ‘in process’ order. This is terrible.

  11. For me it was exactly the same. Money / Bitcoins paid in, goods paid and “in progress” for 4 weeks. No chance to communicate. As already written: Lesson learned! First research, then order. ..

  12. I made an order yesterday, iam waiting for communicate with me.. I paid and send my address info. Order :in progress.. Im scared, I hope not to be scam.

  13. A superb scam
    “Peoples Drug Store.oinion” and “Acheter drogue.com”
    Purchase 2 months ago and received nothing; 300 euros lost.
    Is there a reliable drug buying site?

    • Not really anymore i use a guy off tutanola hes trustworthy cheap and has everything. Let .s know if interested

      • I am very interested sir I just put in an order on brainmagic and midland city and am now finding out theyre both scams. I would appreciate any help, thanks

      • Yo HMU


  15. Fuckin punks ass mother fuckers i was gonna try a new site and sent $2750 in BTC and never credited my account they would of had a 2k to 5k buyer every other day. Anyone know a good #4 H vendor and benzos also? Thanks in advance!!!

    • Ye its a blag site i lost 500 gbp in btc b4 i cracked it but it can b done email me [email protected]

      • Hi Richard, I’ve been scammed by BitPharma as well as The Peoples Drug Store – over $2k (AUD).

        Would it be OK if I contacted you for details of a reputable supplier – I live in Brisbane Australia.

        Thanks heaps :o)


  16. My funds just locked in wallet and I can do nothing now with it. No sending back, no making orders. And there is the mirror 2junuwyqfrfgtlfn.onion. I think it’s scam

  17. Straight up scam, I should have checked more before sending some btc, at least it wasnt too much. When you try to order after you submitted coins or after you withdraw the site goes blank. fuck this shit, remove it from the links

  18. I successfully transferred BTC this past Friday night (8.28.20), and placed an order. I paid for expedited shipping to the USA. Almost $1k worth. Today (9.2.20), the order is still “In Progress” … After reading these reviews, it is clear to me that I’ve lost my money, this is a scam, and I’m still going through severe withdrawal.

    Please remove The People’s Drug Store listing on all dark wikis.

    Also, any legitimate help is appreciated.

  19. it’s been a week for me. They have no email address. I’m bummed. Any positive results?

  20. After reading these comments im happy I didn’t buy from them. I was only looking for a new store because I have not been able to access “Blue Magic” site.

    If anyone knows if they moved or are still up lemme know.

  21. My first experience in darkweb, lost 150€ 🙁
    Feel so stupid

  22. I followed all the steps they wanted to buy and ship the goods. First off I made a small order and wanted to use the PGP for security with my mailing address and the site will not accept it. So I then sent it plain text. Once the order was through I waited 2 weeks. I looked in my account and any additional funds in my account were moved out by them. There is also no way to contact them even after an order was placed. It is a scam. Verified!

  23. Oh my God what did I do? Of course I find THIS AFTER I’m done being an idiot. It let me pick a product and “buy” it after I deposited btc. Now, and I know damn well what my user/pw were, I can’t even log in ? fuuuuck meeeee

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