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Mario head pills

Mario head pills

Lab tested for 180-199 mg.

Pills are light-weight blue, clean press and arduous edges. The pill in its entireness weights between 450 and 500 mg per pill (and there is between one hundred eighty and 199 mg of MDMA in those pills. No alternative substances are found in laboratory report.

The top and bottom of pill aren’t flat, they’re slightly rounded (wobbles once it lies flat on the table)

Hadn’t been out for a short time and took something circa 18-22 months.

Got a pair of those pills, not knowing what to expect, my mate aforementioned they were the shit and would offer you the most effective night ever.

22:45 took one

23:15 felt my fingers feel tingly

23:30 completely nothing the least bit nevertheless, simply a significant thirst therefore sipped the bottle of water, additionally took associate degree other half – because the spouse had been crushed within the bag.

23:45 felt light-weight headed and sort of a bubble had been place around American state for it to pop and an exquisite warming feeling to hit me – like golf shot a blanket spherical you or being hugged.

0:00 couldn’t stop myself saltation, smiling feeling smart.

1:00 no signs of sporting off anytime before long – moving terribly quickly – lights and colors very deep and robust.

1:30 highly regarded however manageable – not sweating

2:00 still no signs of sporting off

3:00 beginning to want retardation down – terribly very thirsty. light-weight hallucinations.

3:30 crashed out, no energy the least bit, tough to need to hold on moving, jaw terribly stiff, slightly agitated

3:45 another burst of energy come back through

4:30 feeling nearly traditional however not fully management, still feeling to bop to any rhythm near .

5:30 may move to sleep no danger felt nearly traditional.

10:00 terribly rough, still eager to move to any style of beat.

19:00 completely no urges to eat throughout the day simply consume copious amounts of water.

Took a great deal longer to come back up than I bear in mind. Would suggest, a number of alternative friends had a decent time on these too.

Effects described in deepweb.


• Stimulation

• Mood elevation

• enlarged focus

• enlarged motivation

• enlarged communicativeness


• enlarged pulse rate

• enlarged pressure level

• Jaw tension

• Insomnia

• Anxiety

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Attention! Before taking this drug, keep in mind that its uncontrolled use will cause irreparable hurt to your health and even threaten your life. Use it in accordance with the foundations, taking full responsibility for your own life.

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