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How youth use Darknet to buy speed drugs

How youth use Darknet to buy speed drugs

Most people try to follow the law. But where there are established procedures and restrictions, there are always those who want to circumvent them. Today, the Internet is an integral part of the lives of billions of people. But most of them do not even suspect that the World Wide Web has its dark side – Darknet.

The darknet is the dark part of the Internet, which can only be connected through a special browser – Tor. Darknet is characterized by a higher degree of anonymity; therefore, it is in it that the communities engaged in illegal activities – the arms trade, drugs, and bank cards – are concentrated.

With the help of a normal browser, it is impossible to enter the darknet.

For these purposes, there are special browsers. The most popular among them is Tor. Tor-browser allows you to hide your real IP for special services. Because on the dark side of the Internet reigns such permissiveness. Here you can buy and sell absolutely everything. And completely anonymous. The program creates a chain of IP addresses, some of which are provided by the users of the darknet themselves. Not everyone agrees to give the address of your computer, but there is still no shortage of IP addresses. User information passes from one computer to another, and as a result, it is virtually impossible to determine the real address of the person who visited the darknet.

90% of the illegal content on the darknet is the sale of drugs. You can buy everything. From the usual “weed” to heavy exotic drugs. In a large online store, there are admins. They act as guarantors of the transaction. Often make their test purchases. Unfair sellers (who either send low-quality goods or do not send anything at all after receiving the money) are immediately expelled from the store.

Online stores selling illegal goods are virtual supermarkets. Ads for the sale of drugs or weapons are placed for money. Place on the site costs from 300 to 1000 dollars per month.

Young people often use the darknet to buy speed drug.

Speed drugs on directdrugs.to

speed drugs are a group of stimulant drug substances, some of which were once used as diet pills. They are usually in the form of a white-gray powder and are sold wrapped in paper. They are usually swallowed but sometimes injected or inhaled.

Impacts: It all depends on how people take the drug. If you swallow it like a powder, a small dose invigorates the person and makes them more energetic. In larger doses, when you prick or smoke, you can feel a surge of pleasure. With excessive, “drunken” use of a drug, a person becomes excessively talkative and hyperactive.

Side Effects: As with other stimulants, there is a recession after the ‘buzz’. In large doses, amphetamines cause panic, paranoia, and hallucinations. With prolonged use, a condition known as amphetamine psychosis develops, with symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Paranoia can provoke a ‘violent’ state if a person finds himself harassed or threatened.

Risks: Amphetamine psychosis can last even when the person has stopped taking the drug. If he becomes aggressive or violent, you can get into dangerous situations. The risk of injecting is the same as that of other drugs, such as heroin.

Darknet is the place to propose illegal deals and those who want to participate in them. It is very silly to assume that law enforcement agencies ignore him.

Working in the darknet through Tor, the sellers of weapons, drugs and other “banned” hide their identity. But the same right appears to buyers. As a result, the seller does not know with whom he trades. However, buyers are not insured by dummy sellers.

Police often arrange “test purchases”. Law enforcement officials trust sellers, make several orders and offer to meet.

Further pure methods of social engineering, viewing records from the cameras of delivery services, etc., catching “on hot”. And no high tech. Anyone can hand over – supposedly a friend, neighbor, colleague, disgruntled ex.

The reality is that Tor only hides the user’s activity within its network. As soon as any “tail” of communications creeps out beyond these limits, it becomes a gaping piece of evidence, which leads to the unraveling of the aforementioned criminal cases.

In other words, darknet people most often caught on external activity. Which begins with Tor using and ends in the real world.

What now? First of all, recognize that in the darknet sooner or later they find everyone, and cryptocurrencies are not 100% anonymous. Secondly, do not do what you have to regret. Third, do not associate life in the darknet with life outside the closed network. For example, through the same logins and passwords.

To calculate people in the darknet, they use malicious scripts that embed in the site code, track Bitcoin transactions, hack accounts on dark sites. But most often help banal methods of social engineering.

Accident and inattention leads to prison sentences.

It is better not to use darknet, but if you have already begun, then know: you can be found.

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