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How youth use Darknet to buy Kush (cannabis)

How youth use Darknet to buy Kush (cannabis)

“Darknet” is the shadow Internet. It will not open in a normal browser, you need a special browser to enter it. The most popular of them is the Tor Browser. No, we do not teach to use the gift and buy prohibited substances in its space. We want to warn you that if a child has such an unusual browser on a computer or mobile device, then probably his life has something secret for you.

Darknet is a segment of the Internet with a high degree of anonymity. It does not see the usual users of the Internet, its materials do not display the usual search engines, many of his links you can not even open. Permissiveness reigns here. It is a shadow sector of virtual space, immersed in darkness. This will not show you even in the news, where they like to talk about the terrible. But why would we get into this horror?

There are no restrictions, no censorship, there are no laws here – this is the black market of the global web, a complete hopeless bottom, on which all the vices of modern society have settled. A darknet is a place where you can buy weapons, forged documents, and drugs without any problems; orders for arson and hacker services are accepted here. 

Most darknet is known for the fact that there you can buy almost any kind of drug. Simple, fast and inexpensive. This is a whole automated system located on anonymous virtual sites. The scheme of purchase and sale is debugged to the smallest detail. Here you can and wash the funds received.

The darknet is “a network on top of another Internet”, which is also accessible from any computer, tablet or android. To get into its space, it is enough to install a special Tor browser that opens pages using anonymous proxy servers. Dark sites are located in the zone with the domain name .onion (“bow”).

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The server of the deepest network, which is the most popular, is called “Thor”, in the original – Tor. Most often, to enter it, use the program that we have already mentioned – the Tor Browser. Sites of the shadow network operate similarly to sites on the regular Internet, only have addresses in a different domain zone. Tor Browser is more complex than regular browsers, a scheme, so its pages load slower.

The site where the purchase of drugs takes place looks like a regular online store. Here is also a catalog of products, there are a basket and customer reviews, delivery and the possibility of online payment. Manager 24/7, who tells, will help, give way. For beginners and regular customers – discounts.

All purchases, including drugs, in the darknet, are made for bitcoins (Bitcoin), this is the official currency of the dark network. Its use makes the seller and the buyer elusive provides anonymity. No institution controls bitcoin. There are terminals where you can exchange regular money for a cryptocurrency (digital money). Buying a drug is made just like buying a book or a dress in a regular online store: chose, transferred payment, received the goods.

Young people often use darknet to buy kush (cannabis).

Kush is a special sort of MJ that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain range covers the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and is one of the few geographic regions where MJ grows in natural conditions.

The presence of strong kush genetics usually means that the variety will have several of the following characteristics:

Appearance: Your variety may have deep green colas and leaves with violet hues. Pestles (hairs) can be orange, bronze or rusty. Cones are dense, stocky, with knots, originating from squat, dense plants.

Smell: Aroma can vary from earthy, floral, hot, pine, incense, sweet fruit, spices, pepper, citrus, gas, and herbs.

Taste: Smoke or steam should be smooth and grassy, ​​with notes of flowers, grapes, gasoline, citrus, and earth.

Effects: The effects are usually heavy and soothing. OG Kush varieties are usually combined with bright euphoria, which brings a smile to a consumer trapped in a sofa. These effects provide a good reason for Kush as a meditative diversity of MJ.

Side Effects: Marijuana can harm memory and the ability to concentrate, a person may feel tired and discouraged. If a smoker is not used to marijuana or uses unusually strong marijuana, then he may feel anxiety, panic, confusion. There may be delusions or hallucinations.

Risks: Many consider marijuana a relatively safe drug. But studies prove that long-term use leads to loss of control over the use and can lead to addiction. Smoking marijuana increases the risk of heart disease and cancer, such as lung cancer, as well as adversely affecting fertility. If a person already has some hidden mental health problem, marijuana can provoke schizophrenia.

They are trying to ban the dark network here and there in the world, but so far to no avail. And there is no reason to expect this to happen. According to unofficial data, the number of users of the shadow network is hundreds of times more than the official, superficial one.

The prohibition of darkness does not bring results, but only stirs interest in him. It was possible to ban it in China. But if you wish, his “golden shield” can be circumvented. Police officers, in an attempt to catch unwary buyers, register on the dark network and create fake online stores. But it does not make sense, because such a store will not be able to have a high rating, which means they will not buy it.

How to protect a child from the darknet?

Completely exclude access to the gift is impossible. It is only possible to partially control it. With the help of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, you can prohibit the use of a browser intended for access to the dark – Tor Browser. To do this, in the settings, add it to the list of prohibited programs.

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