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How people use Darknet to buy weed

Darknet networks in the world there are many. Alone today in the trend, others are outdated. But the first visit to any darknet will be a shock and revelation for you. Especially if you do not remember the Internet of the beginning of the 2000s, the creaking dial-up modem and the payment for traffic over cable.

In the darknet, connections are established only between trusted nodes (friend-to-friend “friend-to-friend”) using special ports and protocols. Server IPs are hidden. Through an ordinary browser like Safari or Chrome, you will not enter the darknet.

Networks are decentralized, so they are not controlled by one. This provides users with some flexibility.

Darknet sites often use Tor encryption technology. It allows you to hide the user’s identity and change the IP-address, as well as hide the resource from prying eyes outside the network.

But this does not mean that the entire darknet is available only through Tor. If you need a website that is protected by Tor’s encryption technology, you must use the same browser. However, there are still networks based on I2P and other technologies.

Often the darknet is confused with the “deep internet”. The darknet is a part of the Internet, a network within the network that operates according to its protocols and algorithms. And deep web – these are pages that are not indexed by search engines. They may not exist at all before they are needed. For example, they will be created in response to a query to the database.

Pages deep web are not hyperlinked to other pages. Besides, several resources that are accessible only by a password or other means of authentication are referred to the deep Internet.

The search engine will not be able to find pages on the deep web. And in the darknet – easily. This, of course, is not about Google or Yandex.

There are a large number of hacker sites and resources with other illegal goods and services on Darknet. For example, you can buy fake documents, state number on the car, order loan assistance, an attack on the server or punching a mobile or a copy of someone else’s SIM card.

There are also resources of banned organizations – nationalist, neo-Nazi, terrorist, extremist.

The first sites on the darknet are used for drug trafficking. Every year on such sites are carried out tens or even hundreds of thousands of such transactions, payment is made by bitcoins. Then the goods are delivered to the specified address – just like regular items purchased on Amazon or eBay. The only difference is that in this case, everything happens anonymously. The shadow Internet did not fundamentally change the criminal world but expanded its capabilities.

Young people often use darknet to buy weed.

The word “weed” in narcotic slang is called marijuana from the hemp family. This plant grows in the wild as well as specially grown in certain closed places. Marijuana contains special chemicals “cannabinoids”. One such cannabinoid delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana.

Marijuana is a prohibited drug. “Weed” is usually smoked by twisting “shoals” or stuffing the upper part of marijuana into the pipes — leaves, seeds, and flowers. Occasionally it is chewed, added to food, brewed teas. The effect of smoking marijuana comes in 10-25 minutes.

The action of “weed” lasts for 2-3 hours. Low doses cause relaxation, pleasant sensations. Eyesight, thoughts, feelings, smells, taste, hearing, sounds will become more acute. From the outside, as a rule, it is not difficult to determine whether such a person is under the influence of “weed”. Redness of the eyeballs, change in the size of the pupils, slowness in thinking, movements and reactions, delay in communication. Such a person is not “here and now”, therefore, he does not immediately answer questions, it is dangerous for such a person to trust car driving, work in dangerous areas, any other responsible tasks.

High doses of such a “weed” can cause distorted images, hallucinations, psychosis, and depression. Long-term smoking of “weed”, like the use of any drug, causes mental and physical addiction and leads to irreversible consequences in the mental and physical health of a person.

The darknet effect on teens and adults is almost the same. People are beginning to think about the availability of drugs and can soon order their first dose of drugs. In any case, experts do not advise inexperienced users to enter Darknet if they do not want to take risks.

At the same time, it is not only about the threat of violation of the law – for example, accidentally opening a link with child pornography – and potential harassment by law enforcement officers, but also greater chances of becoming the victim of criminals or fraudsters.

The risk of being deceived on illegal trading platforms is quite high, and numerous viruses can not only damage the naive users’ devices but also lead to the leakage of important personal data.

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