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How people use Darknet to buy shatter drug

How people use Darknet to buy shatter drug

Darknet is an anonymous and hidden segment of the Internet, which cannot be connected via regular browsers. In a darknet, there are resources to conduct illegal activities: trafficking in drugs, weapons, bank cards, counterfeit goods; torrents, porn sites; instructions for hacking and the production of drugs \ alcohol \, etc; passwords and logins from social networks, etc. All services are provided for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies.

Sites Deepweb (“The Deep Web”) or Darknet do not index search engines, they cannot be accessed through Google, Yandex, etc. – Only if you have a link. But most importantly, there is no law in this zone. The only “regulators” on Darknet are the administrators. Everyday hundreds, thousands of sites disappear forever or appear under other addresses. But people are the same. Rather, the owners of these resources (or admins).

In essence, TOR is an anonymous network of virtual tunnels, providing data transmission in an encrypted form. It attracts many web users.

In Darknet, as I mentioned above, there is a large platform for the sale of psychoactive substances and drugs.

Each store has its name. For placing services on the trading floor drug dealers pay a monthly fee.

The variety of drugs on offer is amazing. Drug traffickers offer marijuana, amphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, hashish, and tramadol – in general, anything.

Often, they offer to send test doses to the client: however, the “newcomers” have nothing to catch here, only the customers “with a reputation”. Condition – a review on the trading floor about the quality of the “goods”. This increases the level of trust in the seller.

Young people often use darknet to buy shatter drugs.

Shatter drug is a concentrated cannabis resin (the generalized name of the genus Cannabis), the effect of which is several times greater than that of marijuana due to the high content of psychoactive (up to 60% content of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)) substances.

Shatter drug was invented in the XIX century. American pharmacists and was a substitute for opium, which for similar analgesic and sedative effect does not cause constipation and loss of appetite.

People with cannabis addiction impregnate the smoking material with tar, giving, as mentioned earlier, a more pronounced and lasting effect. Just a few drops of this oil is enough, as it is very powerful.

What is the effect on the human body? Like every narcotic substance Shatter drug, with long-term use, has a detrimental effect on a person, and more specifically on: the lungs, the reproductive system, the brain, the heart.

When used, the following effects appear euphoria (as always), inhibition, increased appetite, loss of orientation.

Minor actions of others cause ridiculous uncontrollable laughter. It becomes impossible to concentrate. Associations arise easily and quickly replace each other. Pronounced a set of phrases, often unfinished. There is a fast stream of thoughts. Contact with others is narrowing more and more, mutual understanding with them is broken. Impulsivity appears. There are massive illusions, fantasies, all sounds get a special resonance, the feeling that the conversation is in the hall with enhanced acoustics.

Syndromes after consuming the oil: at times insomnia, hyperactivity, decreased appetite.

Studies are underway about whether Shatter drug helps the body or, on the contrary, slowly kills it. But what is known for sure is that it is impossible to buy it on Darknet from unknown people. The use of incomprehensible substances can cause serious harm to your health.

The police are confronted every day with criminal activity on Darknet and are trying to do everything to stop illegal actions by Darknet visitors.

But it may seem to you that this is all very exaggerated and it does not concern you in any way. But even if you do not sell drugs, Darknet can still bring you many problems.

TOP-5 negative points of using Tor

1. You can be watched. The forums are often advised to stick the camera and microphone of a laptop, in order not to become the object of surveillance.

2. Using the torus, you can unwittingly become an accomplice to large-scale crimes and hacker activities, since your PC becomes a part of the network, which is used by other users.

3. Tor was developed by the military and special services, which does not preclude its use for its purposes, despite the popular brand about 100% security and anonymity of use.

4. This creates inconvenience when using “white” services, such as mail. The bottom line is that when you work with Tor, your IP address is constantly changing, which leads to the shutdown of services that perceive it as an external hacking attempt.

5. Google often blocks search queries through Tor, because it believes that this is a hacker activity. These two services are not made for each other – they are extremes of the modern cyber world.

Do not use the Darknet and, especially, do not buy any illegal substances, as this may adversely affect your life.

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