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How people use Darknet to buy pure cocaine

How people use Darknet to buy pure cocaine

Aspirations of individual countries to control or block global network resources have led many users to learn about VPN, Tor, IP2P and proxies. And then the usual users of the hidden side of the familiar Internet, called “darknet.” Somewhat less common is the mention of Deepweb, but it’s the same thing.

In essence, a darknet is an anonymous decentralized network of virtual tunnels, there are no usual servers and DNS, and data is transmitted between random nodes in an encrypted form. It is closed from search and other bots. This approach, as well as possible, is suitable in cases when you need to hide something.

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There are far fewer sites in Onion and they are much more criminal since the Darkweb exists without any censorship or restrictions. You can find anything from innocuous books, which can no longer be downloaded due to copyright restrictions to contract killings. Any kind of adult content with perversions, drugs in all forms and forms, arms trade, various types of fraud are often found here.

To visit Dark Web, users must install special software that anonymizes their network connections. The most popular is a special browser called Tor, free software and an open network that protects your identity from network surveillance, which can threaten personal freedom and confidentiality, confidential business activity and relationships, and state security.

After you downloaded and installed Tor, your viewing anonymity became secure, which is essential for visiting any part of Dark Web. Due to the anonymity of viewing on the Dark Web – your tracks are completely covered – many people use it to participate in semi-legal or illegal activities. Events such as buying and selling drugs, weapons, and pornography are common on the dark web.

Five or ten years ago, the drug deal usually took place in a dark courtyard or courtyard. One handshake and the exchange has already taken place. The courier is removed with the money and the buyer with a bag of substance. If there was a raid, then all the evidence was there, do not turn away. Now, along with time, the rules of the criminal game have changed. And without that, the shadow business has gone even deeper into the shadow Internet.

Thanks to modern technologies, it became much more difficult for representatives of justice to prove the fact of a deal. Now the buyer and seller are just two impersonal nicknames, the prohibited substances are sold on electronic storefronts and even the currency, or rather the cryptocurrency is digital. The same known bitcoins, in fact, computer code.

Young people often use darknet to buy pure cocaine.

Cocaine has the appearance of white powder, which is obtained from coca leaves – a plant that grows mainly in South America. It is usually consumed by sucking in powder through the nose. Cocaine is sometimes injected or eaten.

Impact: Cocaine is a powerful stimulant. It sharpens feelings, causes a surge of energy while suppressing the feeling of hunger or thirst. The effect lasts up to 20 minutes. Smoking cocaine in the form of crack causes a short-term, but stronger ‘high’.

Side Effects: Due to the powerful effects of cocaine, you have cravings. In large doses, cocaine causes a feeling of exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and sometimes aggressiveness.

Risks: Inhalation of cocaine can cause permanent damage to the nasal mucosa. Cocaine can also harm the heart and lungs, and in large doses can lead to death from a heart attack or the formation of blood clots. The simultaneous use of cocaine and alcohol increases the risk of heart attack and death. Eating cocaine can damage intestinal tissue. Depression, which comes after the ‘buzz’, can be so strong that it will lead to suicide attempts. With prolonged or immoderate use of cocaine, the excitement from cocaine can be replaced by a permanent state of anxiety, insomnia, and weight loss. Some develop paranoid psychosis with a propensity for violence. A strong craving for cocaine, especially crack, can make you want to constantly take a drug, and you may lose control over its use.

Darknet has many more disadvantages than advantages, and therefore Tor and the dark network should be declared illegal and prohibited in Europe. Besides, the government believes that most people who have access to a dark network should be considered real or potential criminals who must be monitored or even detained before they cause harm to anyone.

The growing number of crimes related to the darknet is a matter of serious concern for the government, and the legal system should take this issue more seriously.

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