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How people use darknet to buy fish scale coke.

How people use darknet to buy fish scale coke.

There are still a sufficient number of characters who think that the darknet is such a site where you can buy something forbidden. The Darknet is a much larger part of the Internet.

What is different from the usual Internet? Darknet differs, first of all, inaccessibility for such searchers as Google. They are not scanned by search engines. Their IP addresses change chaotically so that the owners cannot be traced. Darknet sites, of course, can be viewed on any computer, but not through any browser – they do not change the IP address of the user. Has such a function, and well it does, only one browser.

Darknet has a bad design. Something like the design of the sites of the 2000s or even the 90s. Perhaps this is one of the main disadvantages of the dark side. The fact is that there are fewer users here than on the regular Internet, and there are no major hosting sites. So, the entire burden falls on the enthusiast of Darknet.

Darknet site is easy to find out by domain, which ends in “.onion”. These pages cannot be opened through a regular browser.

And the pages of the Dark Internet are loading slowly, due to the work of the TOR network. There are no usual search engines that instantly show what is needed. In Darknet, you have to search for everything in special forums, websites, directories for a long time and patiently.

You can log in to Darknet from any computer, but on the condition that a special Tor browser is installed on this computer. Darknet and the Tor browser are inseparably linked.

First of all, the Tor browser was loved for being the only browser that more or less retains the anonymity and privacy of information. It is because of this that in recent years various freedom-loving journalists have begun to actively write about him in the big media.

In the dark corners of the Internet pulls people willing to take risks, wanting to quickly get rich or buy prohibited goods. There are special forums in which all this is discussed in great detail. They have their own slang, their own sales scheme. Drug sellers have also found their place on Darknet. They actively sell their goods under complete anonymity. Darknet for such sellers – salvation from the law. Young people often go to Darknet for fun. It ends with the fact that they see a huge variety of various prohibited goods and buy something “interesting” for themselves.

Fish scale Cocaine on Directdrugs

Young people often use darknet to buy fish scale coke.

Fish scale is just a way of saying very high-grade cocaine. Cocaine is one of the most insidious drugs known to man. Once a person begins to take it, and this has been proven, it becomes almost impossible to rid him of the power of cocaine, both physically and mentally. Physically, cocaine stimulates the main response centers in the brain, which, in turn, cause a feeling of euphoria, to which a person quickly gets used. Only large doses and more frequent use can again cause a similar effect. Although cocaine is considered a “drug for the rich,” it is sold at such low prices that even teenagers can afford to buy it, but only at first.

Cocaine causes a short-term and intense high, immediately followed by the opposite — deep depression, irritability, and a thirst for more drugs. People who take it, often do not eat or sleep as expected. They may have a very strong heartbeat, muscle spasms, and cramps. A drug can make a person feel paranoid, feel anger, anger, and anxiety – even when they are not high. Regardless of how much the drug was taken, or how often it is taken, cocaine increases the likelihood of a heart attack or respiratory failure; both can cause sudden death.

As cocaine is involved in the processing of chemicals by the brain, a person needs more and more drugs to feel normal. People who become addicted to cocaine (as with most other drugs) lose interest in other areas of life. Attempting to stop taking a drug causes such a severe depression that a person will go for anything to get a drug – even for murder. And if he or she cannot get cocaine, the depression can become so severe that the addict will commit suicide.

The police and the FBI annually close the darknet drug shops. They say that the contactless distribution schemes of banned substances today occupy a significant share in the field of illicit drug trafficking.

At the same time, drug dealers are increasingly using Internet services: they communicate via instant messengers and social networks. Especially popular are various anonymizer systems, including TOR and VPN.

That is why combating drug-related crimes committed using network resources and IT-technologies, as well as illegal advertising and propaganda of drugs on the Internet is one of the priorities facing the drug control authorities.

The fight against the spread of drugs on the Internet includes obtaining and verifying information about network resources offering to purchase drugs, including those that have become known from citizens.

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