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Our team was thoroughly examining for online stores that specialize in selling pharmacology products and recreational drugs when we opened https://highchemshop.com/ website. There the customers are presented with many exclusive choices from all over darkweb and without any prescription necessary.

Frontpage welcomes you with an attention-grabbing banner, inviting you to browse their inclusive categories. Find anything you need from cocaine to various types of heroin, MDMA, and other research chemicals like mephedrone or phenazepam.

About HighChemShop.com 

HighChemShop claims to be the best and one of the oldest vendors across darknet. It is accessible to newbies in the deepweb and giving their 15-year experience in the market, has a customer base of over 1000 clients.

In their complete FAQ section, you can get most of your questions answered before you commit to a purchase. 

They offer worldwide secure shipping with high-quality stealth packaging decisions to make sure all orders are delivered safely and protected. With such delivery methods, their products are able to bypass the customs of nearly any country. Instead of having to go over multiple various sellers’ websites, purchasing from HighChemShop seems easy and doesn’t require much. 

All you need is to enter your correct details, address then wait for confirmation and the estimated delivery time. Be sure to put in all the right information, otherwise, it may be hard to conduct a reship or a refund in case it comes to that.

Moreover, even though it says you’re required to enter your full first and last name, it is advisable to use alternative or fake ones just in case. You can still put your actual shipping address in, as long as you track your parcel and are on the spot when it arrives.

The shipping of your goods usually happens via UPS. To pay for your package you can either use Bitcoin, Cash App, Zelle, Google Pay, or WesternUnion. If your order precedes $500, then you can have everything conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

Considering the vendors are only using offshore servers and non-traceable shipping methods to avoid having any information leaking, it is best to surf the website while using Tor browser instead of any other engine. 

It allows you to securely look at all the items, without exposing your IP address or else and to later perform the purchase itself. Your info is helpful in the system only for a limited period of time and is deleted, once the shipment of your order commences.

The shop claims to be legit and to have a reputation on darkweb, giving their 15-year experience in the field and more than 1000 trusty customers. They have their phone and WhatsApp listed on the page, in case you want to contact them prior to the purchase.

Their rather elite looking website offers a decent range of drugs and pharmaceutical products for you to choose from: MDMA, XTC Pills, Heroin, Cocaine, Ketamine, Crystal Meth, you can also buy A-PVP and Mephedrone Crystals. and a vast variety of cannabis for purchase. Prices for the said drugs start from as little as $50 and go upwards, all depending on the quality and quantity of your requested item.

Website’s Design and Layout

The second you open the vendor’s website, you look at a pretty professional layout with a top-quality banner that invites you to look at the categories the seller has to offer. Frontpage has the instant showcase of some of the products they have in store. 

It the footer area you can find the FAQ and Privacy sections, as well as a little shop description and contact details. The menu seems to be very clean and accessible with all the important pages. Their landing has a few important information boxes that let you in on the information about delivery, privacy, and the elite product range, HighChemShop offers.

Whois Details

Due to privacy reasons, most information on Whois is protected, although we have found out the domain of the store was registered on 06.07.2019 in the USA.

Summing Up the Review

This shop looks shady, providing quality given all the details on the seller ‘s website. Yet there was no registration approving email (neither in the primary nor in spam folders) when we tried to sign up on the website.

The script crashed later with an error and the site eventually stopped running. We noticed that, whenever the store receives cryptocurrency as payment, it is almost impossible to check the delivery of the order. After researching the reviews and feedback on https:/highchemshop.com /, we can’t claim that the seller is not a scam.

In the following comment section, please express your thoughts and experience on the topic. Have a nice day! 

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  1. Scam, fraud. Stsy away.

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