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A couple days ago we searched through the DarkWeb. There are a lot of websites that offer drugs and other forbidden stuff. We found a shop EuCanna http://rso4hutlefirefqp.onion/ that sells different kinds of drugs. This website is closed for public access, that’s why we used Tor browser to get in the online store. Dark business is hidden from the government, but it also makes life easier for customers in a certain way.

The website looks light and welcoming. The white-color design creates reliable vibes. The website navigation looks pretty easy as there are only a few tabs. The first and homepage comprises a product description and range. Also, there is a list of offering products available for purchase. The other tabs Info, Register, and Login tell visitors how to make an order, how to register and common information about this online store. Furthermore, the Info tab includes shipping and refund details. The website is designed easy-to-understand for customers.

This drug store has to offer 10 kinds of products, including Buds, Oil, Ointment, Suppositories, Creams, Bath Melts, Soaps, CannaCaps, Edibles, Special Offers; each of them comprises several positions for purchasing. Almost all the products out there are made of cannabis. It explains the store’s motto is “First Class Cannabis – Healthcare”. The vendor sells the drugs with the purpose not only for satisfaction and joy, but also for the treatment. Each of 10 product lines consists of 2-10 positions that vary by size, amount or composition. Before placing an order, the customer must log in by filling out the form. There are more than 1000 registered users on the website.

The ordering process is completed by payment. Therefore, customers need to know that this web shop accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This way is considered the most secure one. Almost all users of the Darknet prefer to choose crypto payment as they want to protect themselves from the law regulations. The crypto payment method allows both parts of the deal stay private and anonymous. However, both sides (a seller and a customer) get what they need. For example, a seller receives the payment for an order and ship an order to a customer. The crypto way uses special encrypted technologies for making payments. You can see that the price range comes in USD and in BTC at the same time.

In our personal view, this darkweb store looks suspicious to us. We suppose that the products can turn out to be low-quality stuff. We made our own try to order out there. We registered and got a new account. Then the service asked us to confirm the registration by email, but we didn’t receive any email verification from them. Finally, we couldn’t manage to make an order on this website. Later on, we went on private forums, looking for answers. Users complain a lot about the EuCanna shop, they say contradictory things. It was said this web resource took customers’ money and didn’t give them anything in return. It seems like users were cheated by this shop. On the other hand, we came across very positive reviews that were said this store delivered them brilliant quality stuff.

We didn’t make our own conclusion on the darknet market. We want you to share with us your personal experience and opinion about the drug store.

Be careful with drugs and remember: drug abuse leads to disastrous consequences!


  1. It’s a scam, order “in progress” for two month…

  2. It’s a scam, order “in progress” for long time.

  3. You have to send Money to a bitcoin wallet before completing a purchase. I tried it and my payment was sent, but never indicated as received there. It is just a scam-site more.

  4. Total scam. I wish I had read the reviews before using this website, but it was listed as the first for cannabis on deep web links. When I tried to place my order nothing happened the page loaded blank, like the PHP was never received.

    I then tried to send my bitcoins back to my wallet and the same thing happened a blank screen with no activity.

    Now my bitcoins are just sitting in this wallet on this scam site. Anyone know how I could potentially get my bitcoins back?

  5. So disappointed…Tried to order, it does not load or makes the purchase. And when you try to retrieve your bitcoin it is the same thing. So pissed off!!! Should eradicate this site…So end of story, lost a bit of money, because I wanted to try it out. Seems like a legit store, but in the end it’s just a scam. Hope they get corona and die!

  6. Seems like a scam to me. It sucked all my money from my-their wallet, not only the charged amount! It says order is ‘in progress’s for more than a week now.

  7. Same as Fidel:
    >It sucked all my money from my-their wallet, not only the charged amount! It says order is ‘in progress’s for more than a week now.

  8. Its a scam site take your money ? and give nothing

  9. scam site order 2 weeks ago still says in progress no way to sent them a message either

  10. scam scam scam.
    piece of shit

  11. scam motherfuckers

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