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Dangerous Interaction: MAOIs. don’t take methylenedioxymethamphetamine if you’re presently taking prescription MAOIs. MAOIs are most ordinarily found within the prescription anti-depressants Nardil (phenelzine), Parnate (tranylcypromine), isocarboxazid (isocarboxazid), Eldepryl (l-deprenyl), and Aurorix / Manerix (moclobemide). Ayahuasca conjointly contains MAOIs (harmine and harmaline). methylenedioxymethamphetamine and MAOIs are a probably dangerous combination.

Dangerous Interaction: proteolytic enzyme Inhibitors. Avoid taking methylenedioxymethamphetamine if you’re presently victimization the antiviral PI. This could be a grievous combination.

Dangerous warming. methylenedioxymethamphetamine use will result in hyperthermy (overheating) particularly in those that are exerting themselves for long periods of your time. it’s necessary for users to concentrate to their bodies and confirm they aren’t warming. Take breaks from saltation. Step outside for a flash if the temperature within the space is high. confirm to drink enough, however not an excessive amount of, water.

Individual sensitivity to the drug. Some users may be sensitive to methylenedioxymethamphetamine even when taking an acceptable dose. They may show symptoms, cramps, and other health problems.

Stimulant mixtures may be dangerous. Avoid alternative robust stimulants together with methylenedioxymethamphetamine, which might increase vital sign, vital sign, and blood heat risks.

Water Poisoning. Some ecstasy users respond to the warming and dehydration issue by compulsively over-drinking. once drinking massive amounts of water it’s necessary to combine in sports drinks or salty snacks to avoid the terribly real dangers of water poisoning and symptom (low salt), which might cause serious health issues as well as death. methylenedioxymethamphetamine will cause changes within the body’s Pitressin, resulting in a lot of higher status to symptom. Drink water, however don’t drink an excessive amount of.

Seizures. A little variety of methylenedioxymethamphetamine users have reportedly had seizures when taking moderate quantity of pure MDMA, a lot of common in smaller ladies and with higher doses.

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Attention! Before taking this drug, keep in mind that its uncontrolled use will cause irreparable hurt to your health and even threaten your life. Use it in accordance with the foundations, taking full responsibility for your own life.

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