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Today if you want to buy some forbidden stuff -any kind of drugs, you need to go to the DarkNet. It can become a difficulty, as you need to use special browsers like Tor. However, we were searching on a subject of drug shops in the public Internet and came across https://ecstasymdma.com that also offers a wide range of drugs. Read the article and you will find out more about this web store.

The website looks pretty friendly. The first page describes the operation of the store: purchasing process, shipping, guide on the use and possible effects – all about Ecstasy. There are some tabs that simplify navigation on the website. A product list comprises pictures of each position and price in USD or EUR (you can choose). This web shop has some articles about Ecstasy and MDMA effects and consequences of using and other blogs. They promise to ship orders discreet. Delivery comes in two options: a regular and an express. So, customers can get in this website without registration and view it publicly.

This drug store sells three kinds of drugs – molly, Ecstasy pills, and MDMA capsules. There are different colored stuff, a variety of volumes and sets. The seller experiments with the form and design of the pills and capsules, or cooperate with such unusual providers. The drugs from this provider will increase not only heart rate and imagination, but also mood as they look funny. There are more than 1000 available positions for sale.

The store accepts the following payment methods: Western Union and MoneyGram services as well as cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Altcoin. First, you need to register, than choose necessary products, than pay for the order, and afterwards the order with drugs will be shipped. The crypto method is considered the most secure way when both sides a customer and a seller keep safe their personal and financial data. The domain was registered in September’18. So, the store has already been working for 18 months. The organization is based in Massachusetts, the US. This website has more than 10000 registered users.

Overall, we weren’t sure about this store reputation. It seemed us unreliable, that’s why we decided to make an order out there. We chose a couple of Ecstasy packages, and then went to the payment platform, where the script got error and the website stopped working. After that we went to investigate private forums on a subject of this https://ecstasymdma.com drug store. Users’ reviews turned out to be contradictory. A half complained about this seller. They paid for their orders, but they weren’t delivered. Others left positive comments and recommendations.

In case any of you has similar experience with this drug store, share with us and our readers your reviews, please! Remember, that drug use has harmful consequences.


  1. BEWARE, A SCAM. Not only they took my money and didn’t send anything, but couple days later they impersonated a shipping company telling me my package been held by custom and I need to wire $450 by bitcoin or western union to release it.

    • Sound real familiar i was done the same exact way with another company. Must be the new trend smh.

  2. I am a mother and this helped me!

    • This is a bullshit review, made by a bit.

  3. SCAM

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