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Dream Market

A couple days ago we searched the Darknet on a subject of drug shops. There were plenty options, but our attention attracted Dream Market that we found on the website: http://wn2vtsetsdggve45.onion. This web market offers a variety of drugs. Note: if you want to visit this shop, you need to use Tor browser, as this resource is forbidden on the public Internet. You can download Tor browser from the Internet. Let’s see closer what we found out about this darkweb market.

The website looks friendly and easy-to-navigate. When you visit website, you see a few tabs that say you where you can make an order, where to see a list of offered products, and where to register. Everything is easy-understandable and quite clear. The website has a wide product line that you can see on the first page. All the products are provided pictures and short description as well as prices in USD and BTC for better understanding.

This webstore offers a selection of such popular drugs as Ecstasy, LCD, Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA and others. This web store has much to offer. A total amount of available positions counts about 100. The pills and powders come in different colors and various designs. To order something, a newcomer has to pass the registration by filling out the special form. Then, a confirmation email will be sent to his/her mailbox. The registered user is able to make an order. This web store has more than 10000 already registered users. It says a lot about this shop, doesn’t it?

A payment part comes after the ordering process. First, it is necessary to pay for an order, and only after this step the products will be shipped. It is usual when a vendor requires completing the payment before shipping. This web store accepts Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies as a payment method. This kind of business prefers to use this payment method, because it is safe for both sides. The crypto method keeps the financial details anonymous and secure. In case you don’t have any cryptocurrency, it is very easy to purchase some on crypto exchangers. This web service has a manual that can help you to obtain some coins.

We were not sure about this online store whether it is a reliable platform or not. And also we decided to check the quality of the available drugs on the market. First of all, we needed to pass the registration before making an order. We thought that we didn’t meet any difficulty with that, but we were wrong. Finally, we didn’t receive any confirmation letter that made us got confused. We wanted to be back on the website, but it was impossible as the script was broken. So, we got a new idea to check private forums. And it was quite useful way to learn more, as we found there a lot of reviews and feedback. Some users were dissatisfied with this web service, because they lost their money and didn’t get any delivery from Dream Market. However, there were users who liked this darkweb market and gave good recommendations on their stuff. The opinions were divided.

Therefore, we ask for new fresh reviews from you, our readers! If you have something to say, please share with us your experience! Remember, that use of drugs can be dangerous to your health!

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