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directdrugs.to Direct Drugs

directdrugs.to Direct Drugs


After such stores as Hansa Market or Dream Market or Alphabay stopped working, new stores generation started to occupy the market. We will investigate one of them today; namely – directdrugs.to.

Let’s start with information that is not the most pleasant, but still crucial for an honest review. This directdrugs.to cannot compete with other similar online stores simply because it is not so supplied with products. But we should consider this directdrugs.to as an alternative to the web market.

We also need to take into account the fact that the directdrugs.to was created just a year ago, but it already gathers enough customers, has a good product base and does not stop developing. Now is the time that newcomers in a short time can rise to the level of their experienced competitors. I think this is just such a case, and we just need to wait a bit. In a month, such a massive store Dream Market finally will stop working. This means that all Dream Market customers will look for new ways to purchase products. And the directdrugs.to will replace Dream Market.

The review of directdrugs.to

In this part of the review, we will look at the main characteristics of the store, its concept, and so on.

More than four and a half thousand workers are already working in directdrugs.to. Also, the number of customers has already exceeded one million. Not bad for a store that has been on the market for only a year, isn’t it? And all this had happened when such large stores as the Dream Market worked in the market. Competing with large online stores, directdrugs.to still managed to increase customer growth by a factor of ten and also increase vendor base four times.

Here are the main characteristics of the store:

Number of products that the store sells: 29

URL: https://directdrugs.to

Also, a huge advantage of directdrugs.to is that it has a clean reputation. Large stores, which have already taken their place in the market, have many negative reviews. This causes some distrust of them. But directdrugs.to has no more than 8 percent of negative reviews.

Let’s take a closer look at and review every aspect of this store.

1. User Interface — 5/5

As usual, we will begin our review with the design of the site, its convenience, and other characteristics of the website.

We need to understand that such stores do not require creative designs and the latest innovations in the world of UI / UX, in order to objectively evaluate the user interface of this site. Therefore, the site fully meets the needs of its target audience. It looks simple, but at the same time, sufficient and minimalist. All stores that are on the same market as directdrugs.to have approximately the same site design. This is because it is easier for customers to navigate the site.

Here you can see exactly how the directdrugs.to site looks.

The site itself is made in green shades. At the top, we can see a panel that redirects us to the most essential pages of the directdrugs.to site, namely:






directdrugs.to designers also made a left sidebar and placed on it a list of products that are in this store. The Deep marketplace made its online store for a similar scheme.

We can also see that a “search bar” is located next to the left sidebar. Why it is needed and how it works, we will analyze in the next part of our review.

In my opinion, the most convenient point in the entire design of the site is the section “Favorite List.” It shows on the main page only a few selected products, instead of showing all the products that we do not need.

At the very bottom of the screen, the designer made a few useful links for buyers.

Conclusion: the site is as clear to the buyer as possible. It is made in a simple style, but it still looks pleasant to the eye. Therefore, I gave this site 5/5 points, as it has no deviations from the standards of the websites of this market. It also has all the necessary characteristics for the buyer. Come and check for yourself, whether it is convenient for you or not.

2. List of services and products offered — 4/5

We have already figured out earlier that directdrugs.to has not as many products on offer as its competitors. This store had about one and a half thousand items. Now the quantity of its goods has increased several times and exceeded twenty thousand products. And it happened no more than a year! Can you imagine such a speed of store development? This means that it grows and develops every day. Very soon directdrugs.to will be better than all its competitors.

What does directdrugs.to sell?

As you already understood, directdrugs.to sells drugs. The store provides its customers with a large assortment of different types of drugs. It is logical that the most significant drug stores will be located on the Internet, as it is incredibly convenient. Online stores offer almost all possible types of drugs.

directdrugs.to has a list of different kinds of drugs to make it easier for customers to navigate the assortment. To be precise, this store has 1818 drugs listings. This means that directdrugs.to provides its customers with almost 55% of all products on the market.

These listings also have subcategories with different drug issues. This once again shows how much directdrugs.to cares about its customers.

Here you can see the list of subcategories:

This screenshot shows us that the general list of available drugs is quite long.

3. Success guarantee — 5/5

I think this is the most essential part of the store analysis. Security is vital for every buyer because no one wants to be deceived by some random shop.

For such stores as directdrugs.to, it is crucial to provide complete security and guarantee a successful transaction for their customers. Fraud is often common among unscrupulous online stores, and buyers want to protect themselves from this.

How can we check if the store is reliable? One of the main ways to check whether your transaction will be successful is to see if information about the seller is available.

directdrugs.to provides us with information about every seller who works there. We have every reason to believe that directdrugs.to is safe for buying drugs.

The user profile posted on the site includes both vending information and purchase information.

Also, on this site, we can see a review section, which also shows seller ratings, comments, and the name of the buyer.

There are other ways to assess the security of the store, which we now consider.

1. PGP Login. The store provides PGP encryption of your account. This means that no outsider can log into your account (or merchant account) and view the information that you provide when you buy a product.

2. 2 of 3 MultiSig. This is another way to protect you from fraud. How does this system work? Suppose there is a group of people who have a common budget. They create a multisignature address in which there are three keys, but two signatures are enough to sign a transaction. With the consent of the participants, who constitute the majority of the group, this money can be spent.

3. Escrow Supported. This is a legal construct in which a financial instrument or asset is held by a third party on behalf of the two parties making the transaction. In other words, when escrowing a third party, called an escrow agent, acts as a guarantor. This party controls the whole process and guarantees the fulfillment of obligations, and thus, neither of the parties can use the funds on their own without the consent of the other participants.

If we take into account the last list, I will rate directdrugs.to 4 out of 5.

4. Currency — 2/5

For the buyer, it is essential that the store provides the opportunity to pay in different currencies. And we are talking about cryptocurrency. directdrugs.to accepts two types of cryptocurrency:



Stores use bitcoin because it is anonymous. There are three reasons why Bitcoin is considered anonymous.

Firstly, unlike bank accounts and most other payment systems, Bitcoin addresses are not tied to the identity of users at the protocol level. Each person at any time can create a new randomly generated bitcoin address.

Secondly, transactions are also not tied to the identity of users. Thus, if the miners agreed to include the transaction in the block, everyone can transfer Bitcoins from one address to another, without the need to disclose any personal information.

And third, Bitcoin’s transaction information is transmitted by randomly selected P2P network nodes. While Bitcoin nodes are connected to each other via IP addresses, the nodes do not know whether the transaction received was created by the transferring node, or if it just redirected it.

So even these two currencies will be enough for us for a successful transaction.

Let’s sum up the directdrugs.to review.

Store advantages:

1. Anonymity and guarantee of a successful purchase.

2. Ability to see information about the seller.

3. Good user interface.

Disadvantages of the store:

1. A few products compared to other online stores.

Thank you for reading the review! Write comments if you have any experience with this store or some other drugstores.


  1. received to US, even in December (christmas shit delay), thank you thank you

  2. The best store I ever use for some weed 🙂 6 days and i got my order…very discreet shipping inside silicone toys

    • And u are from US?

    • i ordered 5 days ago and still standing “processing” is this normal ??

      • of course

        have you ever bought drugs from internet?
        any vendor need some time to handle your package

        probaly your parcel in transit right now, don’t worry

        • have you already bought from direct drugs ? How was your experience ?
          I hope so bro thank you

      • then was the shipment sent to you? your order managed to get it?

    • Cutie cat toy lol

  3. do they accept Paypal?

    • lol 😀

  4. Shipping was fast and the packaging was discreet, I was worried it wouldn’t ship before my trip but it got to me within one week (Ashburn).

    directdrugs review

    • bro ich bin auch aus Deutschland- Baden Württemberg. Kannst du empfehlen, auf der seite etwas zu bestellen?

  5. Wanted to order something but every time i click on the pay icon in my order list there is an error. I allready asked the support yesterday but didnt got an answer till now so maybe someone here can help me

  6. so far so good
    I ain’t complain but shipping was too long (8 days to UK)
    probably because bulk I dunno

    mdma directdrugs delivery

    • jesus fcking christ
      I was waiting for my batch for 2 weeks and I don’t complain man
      grow up, it’s not amazon

  7. My order has been processing for 4 days. I’ve been hitting them up on Wick and have had no response. Not calling them fake. Even when I order steroids it normally takes a couple weeks. I am questioning how real some of these reviews are.. First time ordering, I’m going to spend a thousand on some stuff? Really?.. Your pockets must be fat. Just hit me up on Wickr guys.

    • Everything is set now. Thanks guys.

  8. my order delivery was 5 weeks to United States
    i live in United States
    directdrugs service offered me promocode for next order, but it is too much time shipping

    • could you share this discount , mate? 🙂

      • 91ec1f93

        i dont need it

      • lote

    • you know of any clear or dark net plcace the ship canada to canada would be sweet if you did shity about empire

  9. Anyone used this service to denmark?

  10. Hey mate have you recived any packages in Australia?
    And was the pills good quality?

    • i did mate

  11. received
    f*ck coronavirus
    cocaine australia

    • Honestly did you actually receive your package to Australia ??
      You must be one off the lucky one’s, who seem to few and far between…
      So I wonder if anyone in WA has had a positive outcome!.


  12. well done directdrugs, well done
    Haven’t sniffed batch like this for a while ??

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    • Hi what does that say 500gram or 5.00 gram ????

      • Hey everybody has anyone ordered any LSD from direct drugs? And how long does it take to ship to Canada?

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      • Great thanks for telling I’m still new on the scales part lol.

      • Yes but that deal price is over . Do u have anything better ?

  13. I like my drugs from directdrugs like I like my hair….. Snowy white

    • Hey Becky____mo need advice did you get discount ?? An need ask you personal Q’s [email protected] talk to you soon :-).

  14. washed (bolivian)

    • Hey how many grams is that???

    • I don’t know ?? What kind powder is that ? Looks like flour

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  15. ° Splendid *. These are fairly recent comments, which is refreshing to see. But very vague !! It’s great to see people in Australia actually saying that they have received there package, though it be nice to know • which DNM are they using ??
    Well that is the only important question.. Because all anyone wants to know is what is the name of the DNM that they say they have had a successful business relationship with..
    • we all just want to find a true DNM that has Genuine Vendors
    BECAUSE, COMMON SURELY THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE STILL WHO ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING MONEY & know that if they do the right thing people will always keep coming back ..

  16. I bought them a product 5 days ago and I didn´t receive any email. I tried to contact them via Twitter (they say that we can contact them 24/7 asking for their wickr on twitter). I trust in that web because of this review, but now I’m so angry because I can´t contact them and im feeling that all of this shit is a scam. If someday I receive the package, I promise to write a good review of the product. But now, im so sad because I can´t contact them.

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  20. Hey Guys ! have anyone tried to order to sweden, and how long was the delivery time ?

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