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The darknet is famous for shops that offer drugs and different fake things. We were looking for a good drug store, we came across the website http://kbvbh4kdddiha2ht.onionDeDope. This web place offers a variety of drugs and provides with discreet delivery. Note that this darknet market is available only in Tor browser as it is dark business. The governments of many countries forbid this kind of online business.

The website of this market looks pretty light and welcoming. The web store has a slogan – German Weed Store. The first page has the information about their offered products and available positions for ordering. There is also the FAQs tab that includes frequently asked questions. The shipping delivery and btc purchasing are described in this part of the website. If you have some questions, you can highly likely find the answers in this tab. The Register tab gives you a form for registration that is necessary to make an order. Only registered users are allowed to order and buy online out there. The Login tab is the form for users who are already members of the community.

The website offers 2 kinds of drugs that are Bubblegum and Marokk Hash. The Bubblegum weed sort is produced in Germany with German quality. The Marokk Hash is manufactured in Morocco. There are 2 positions of the first kind and 3 positions of the second weed kind. The shipping is promised to be confidentially. The shipping fee is 5 EUR, they ship from Germany. Also, they offer a discount for users who will share the link of their website.

Cryptocurrency is a popular payment method for this kind of business. The web store accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and other crypto as a payment method. This way is considered the safest one among others as both sides protect their financial and personal information. If you don’t have any cryptocurrency, there are a lot of exchange crypto markets in the Internet.

The current darkweb store looks pretty questionable to us, we don’t trust it. It looks like quick-version that pretends to be an online drug shop. We decided to investigate this website by ourselves. First, we tried to register out there, but we didn’t get any email with confirmation. It was weird. Then we were back on the website, where the script gave an error, and the site stopped working. We didn’t understand what we did wrong. Then we checked private forums looking for the answers. Users of private forums said different opinions. Some were satisfied with this web service, the others were disappointed due to many reasons. One guy told a terrible story that he paid for his ordered drugs, however he didn’t receive a delivery from them and any reply in the end. We couldn’t make a conclusion about this darkweb store.

Guys, leave your reviews below if you have anything to say about this store. Our readers and our team will be grateful to you! Please, share your opinion about the DeDope shop!

Be careful with the use of drugs, don’t harm your health!


  1. I ve buy on dedope and I see that is only a scam site. I make an order 10 days ago and I never recieved message or delivery. Bella merda!

    • Ciao scusa non é affidabile? Io ci ho caricato 80euro in Bitcoins e ora non posso riprenderli perché non c’è modo di contattarlo…

      • Mi dispiace allora perchè non credo riceverai niente, incolpa il covid ahah

    • Any legit sites

  2. same here. ordred 2 wks ago and nothing. they say you cann contak them on message board but it is no active and no contact info. they steal BTC as soon as it hits there acct. total scam

  3. Yeah, looks like the same is going to happen to me. No message, nothing. Steer well clear.

  4. Scam site. Do not order !!!


  6. Scammer

    • i have btc in my account wallet but not orderd yet – have i the chance to get me btc back?

    • As many on the comments I did an order 3 weeks ago and nothing
      I really think they are crooks
      Do not order on them, they will steal your money.

  7. scam……..

  8. Don’t order from them. It’s pure Scam at 100%. Save your money. Fuck you bastards

  9. Grosse arnaque commande passé le 9/04/2020 et toujours rien reçu. Impossible de les contacter. Vraiment dessus

  10. scammer

  11. Bonjour,
    J’ai envoyé mes Bitcoin sur mon compte Dedope, cela fait 48h et toujours rien n’est apparu. Que puis-je faire ? L’adresse wallet est pourtant correcte.
    Merci pour votre aide

  12. I also did the mistake and want to buy some there -.- save your money friends! dont be as stupid as me…..

  13. Ordered the 15th of April 2020 and still no answer, nothing received. DO NOT order on DeDope, you’ll just loose your money

  14. Exscume this web site is scammer is not possibile close?! I not order but I have 80euro but is not possibile contac his.

  15. did anyone get anything from them ? stuff or refund ?

  16. Does anyone have any experience with DrChronic? http://chronic32gy54trd.onion/
    Shops layout seems similar.

  17. yes its scam….

  18. Ordering is not working

  19. i ordered here especially for the hash because it’s the only site who sell it, and during the covid thing it’s been very difficult to find quality hash when you live in the country far away from a big city like me.
    so i pay 200€ for 50g : it’s say status in progress 10 days after no message but ofcourse all my bitcoins are gone and as i see the reviews here i know i have been robbed and i will never receive anything…
    fuc… bastards i hope from the bottom of my heart and soul that the karma will make them pay and something terrible happends to him/them

    • bro you did get your order now or still nothing? I cant beleive I just pay on this site now i reading this it break my heart please tell me you got it

  20. i lost 220€ fuc… scam hope karma will them pay

  21. They should roast in hell.
    Fake shop.

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