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We have been thoroughly examining Google for online stores that specialize in selling pharmacology products and recreational drugs, we discovered https://crystalmethforsale.com/ website. It offers a variety of recreational drugs and pharmaceuticals on offer that are hard to find on darkweb for reasonable prices.

This web store presents with many pictures and various examples of forbidden for sale drugs. Just as you open their front page, you’re welcomed with a vast option of products ranging from all sorts of ecstasy pills to cannabis, crack and etc.

The #1 Shop for Worldwide Drug Purchase

CrystalMethforSale.com claims to be the best you can access on darknet. They have a seemingly accessible server, making it easy to locate the desired product on deepweb, while searching with the Tor browser. They suggest their store has hard to get quality products from more than 5 various vendors from across the web.

Buying drugs online with CrystalMethforSale.com also appears rather easy. Upon purchasing, you receive a tracking number and you can check on estimate delivery time for your specific region on the “Terms” page on the website.

After you go through the extended variety of drugs and find what you need, placing your order is easy. It is important to remember you enter all correct details, address, and your full name to avoid any potential issues. Although, using your real first and last name can be frightening. It may be a good idea to use alternate ones, but follow the tracking number of your purchase directly, so you can catch it right when the courier arrives for you to sign the package.

Make sure everything is correct and you have as much info as possible, as it makes it easier for a reship or a refund to be arranged if there’s little to no error on your end.

They do have a 100% reship policy for those, who have already dealt with their store and solve newbies’ problems on a case to case basis.

If you head to their Reviews page, you find yourself reading a massive amount of positive feedback of all kind that makes you believe you are doing business with a proper seller. Besides, Glasgow, who appears to be the shop’s owner, promises to be the real deal and asks for any new customer to contact him on Wickr or Email to prove his legitimacy. There is also a 10% discount for the next order that you receive once you place a review for your first purchase.

CrystalMethforSale.com mainly specializes in selling high-quality Ecstasy pills, which take up the majority of the shop’s catalog, but the website offers plenty more. You can look at other options, such as heroin or top-quality stimulants from all areas of the world. This vendor also has items for resale, like large amounts of crystal meth or cocaine. 

There’re some good options for cannabis too: from your favorite breeds to oils and capsules. It’s high quality organically grown weed that they ship using extremely safe stealth shipping, so you don’t have to worry about the package’s seizure. 

Prices go from $100 and higher, but it’s better to make a purchase with at least $200 worth of products to get a Registered post. CrystalMethforSale.com accepts cryptocurrency as payment, so find yourself a decent Bitcoin exchange website before buying the goods. 

Design and Other Details

The design of the vendor’s webpage is rather simple, allowing for the main focus to remain on the product. It has a small, but self-explanatory About section of the store on its front page and offers a thorough description of delivery options and times on its Terms page. 

On the left sidebar, you have your categories to go through, which you can also access from the footer. Menu bar is simple and has only the important information, so it seems. At the top of the page, you can also find the seller’s email and Wickr username, making it easy to contact in case you have any doubts or questions. Plus, you can use a bitcoin converter without having to go to another website, as it’s right there on your left sidebar.

Whois Details

Due to privacy reasons, most information on Whois is limited or restricted, but other than that the domain was registered on 09.05.2019 in Denmark.

Scam Warning for Customers

This shop appears suspicious and of low quality despite all the details provided on the seller ‘s website. We tried to register but the confirmation email did not arrive (neither in the main folders nor in spam folders).

The script later crashed with an error, and the site stopped functioning completely. After a long quest on https:/www.crystalmethforsale.com/ website for testimonials and feedback, we find out that although the shop accepts cryptocurrency as payment, they fail to continue with the delivery of the order. The seller can be a fraud, so please search thoroughly before approving your order.

Please, share your experience with this website in the comments section below.


  1. Yeah this website Crystalmethforsale.com & the owner of the site GlazGow are big time scammers.. They just scammed me out of $540 dollars on an item that.was never shipped, and getting GlazGow to even respond back to your emails is like pulling teeth once he has your money.
    All the reviews/feedback on his website are purely fictional, they are reviews that GlazGow created hinself over time to make himself and his so-called business professional..




    • Just read your review and I’m sorry to say I just got fucked 395.
      Do you have a reliable source I can buy from

    • Just read your review and I’m sorry to say I just got fucked 395.
      Do you have a reliable source I can buy from?

  2. Yeah he’s a fucking SCAM!!! Total piece of shit tbh. Hope he fucking rots on the money he scams

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