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When we were searching the Darknet looking for a drug shop, we stumbled upon CannabisUK. You can go to this website using a link http://fzqnrlcvhkgbdwx5.onion. This website specialize on cannabis and different its kinds. There are a wide range of drug products that are available for online purchase only for registered users.

The website looks simple to navigate. The homepage that welcomes us comprises products’ descriptions and a catalogue of the offered products. The website is divided into several tabs, including Products, About us, FAQs, Register, and Login. It is quite obvious: what you can find in each tab. This online store is located in the UK. It is said to supply clean organically grown cannabis to their customers. The website is designed to be easy-to-understand for newcomers and customers.

The Darkweb store sells only products that are made of cannabis. There are 2 kinds of stuff that are presented for sale. The first sort is Purple Kush, they describe it like beautiful AAA PK, caked in crystal, nice color, distinctly purple, close trimmed fluffy fat buds, pungent kush aroma and flavor. The second kind is Afghani, that is nice looking crystal Kush, sweet flavor, and potent indicia strain. The store offers 3 different by size positions of each kind of cannabis. By the way, a price range comes in GBP and in BTC for easier understanding.

This online shop accepts bitcoin as a payment method. They even give customers a list of links of crypto exchanges and marketplaces where everyone can exchange and buy bitcoin. Use it, in case you need to pay for an order. This kind of business chooses crypto method as they want to protect themselves as well as customers. The crypto payment method is considered to be very secure way for both sides of the deal. It goes anonymously and keeps all personal and financial information safe. There are more than 1000 registered users who have already bought some products on it.

To our mind, this darkweb store looks very questionable. Therefore, we decided to try this shop out. We went to this website and tried to make an order. First of all, it was necessary to fill out the registration form. They told us at the end of registration that they would send us an email confirmation, but we didn’t get any letter. Then the script f the site got broken, and we couldn’t come back to our ordering process. That’s why we decided to check private forums to find true reviews and comments of former customers. We came across negative and positive words about this shop CannabisUK. Some said they have paid for orders with btc, and they haven’t received the products in the end. That is, they were deceived by the seller. The others were quite satisfied with this web store.

Our visitors, we need your help! We are waiting for your experience reviews! If you have something to say about this online drug shop, let us and future customers know about it. Remember, drug abuse is harmful to your health!


  1. Iam looking for weed.

  2. Attention! They are thieves. After the purchase, there is also no possibility of contact. I lost my money. Do not buy from them.

  3. Fraud! One month after purchase, no information, no order, no contact.

  4. order not filled – no contact possible

  5. scam – do not buy

  6. They are scammers stay away

  7. Lost my money. SCAM

    • so its a scam, i didnt buy, bc of the comments… if you want somebody to buy this, you schould not scam annmore and get better comments

  8. Just lost £121, ouch! Was desperate to find a UK site as international is taking 2-3 weeks at moment. Transferred bitcoin to wallet on site but never arrived (7 days now). 100% sure the address is correct and have transferred bitcoins many times. If you don’t believe me try a small amount, not £121 like me, and see if it arrives. No way to contact them. Sure its a con now I have been done!

    • Hi Justin, you manage to find a supplier in the UK? Our usual has let us down and really struggling to find someone else!

  9. Scammers. Lost my money. No way to contact them. Wish I’d seen this page before trying to use them

  10. I have recently acquired 28 ounces, in varying degrees of consistency and and color, of live wax/resin. each jar contains 28 grams of the highest quality live wax that can be produced. My goal is to sell them all, sell them quickly and sell them cheap.

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