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Today’s article will be about drug stores that you can find in the Internet. A couple days ago I was searching the web and came across the website http://buylsdforsaleonline.hk that has a wide range of drugs. It is quite hard to find any drug store in the public Internet, but, as you can see, there are some. Let’s see together what this online shop has to offer.

The website looks quite simple and friendly. The slogan of website is Welcome to Legal Acid Dealer. You can’t even say that this website looks like a drug shop; it’s more about a trading company. The homepage says the history of LSD and of its effects, drug tests, dosage, legal status, etc. The website navigation doesn’t look easy as it is full of useful information, and you can spend some time on the website to learn and read info, instead of making an order. Overall, the website looks like usual place for online shopping with all the same steps and customer service, in case you have questions.

This web vendor offers a wide selection of LSD drugs. There are 3 available positions: 1P-LSD blotter, 4-AcO-DMT, 4-HO-MET. There are links to detailed descriptions of the products under names of the drugs, and also there are a lot of different volumes that allow customers choose only necessary amount of stuff: from 50gr to 10000gr. All the prices come in USD for easier calculation. Customers can see reviews about the quality of the drugs right on the website. Moreover, they can take a small doze and then buy more, in case they will like it.

There are several payment methods acceptable on this website. Customers can pay via Western Union and MoneyGram wire transfers, a bank transfer of most of the Banks, and cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. The last crypto method is more appropriate one. All traders and vendors prefer to use cryptocurrency for payment as this option is the most secure one. Both sides of the deal: a seller and a customer remain anonymous in this case. The financial and personal information are encrypted. Shipping policy is also well-protected. The delivery comes confidentially.

Then we checked whois of this website. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any domain information. Therefore, this web market seemed us unreliable and suspicious. We usually make an order and then make a conclusion about any store. First of all, we registered on the website. They notified us to check mailbox where we had to find an email with confirmation. However they didn’t send us anything. Well, in that case we decided to go back to the store, but we couldn’t as the script gave an error and website was closed for our view. Our last chance was going to private forums and find customer reviews. And users left a lot of reviews about this store http://buylsdforsaleonline.hk. A part of users left bad comments with many complaints, including payment-failures and cheated deliveries. A few former customers said very positive things about this market admiring the service and the quality of stuff. Opinions were divided.

Therefore, we would like to ask you, our visitors, to leave your personal feedback and reviews about this drug store below in the comment line. As we can trust you and can rely on your opinions to make our final conclusion. Please, be careful with use of drugs. LCD and other drugs can be dangerous for your health!


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  2. doesn’t work any more

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