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We were looking for an online store where it is possible to purchase some drugs. There are a lot of available stores in the DarkNet, but the problem is that they accept only cryptocurrency as a payment method. Therefore, we tried to find some web shops in the public Internet as some of my readers, probably, don’t have any crypto coins. And we found the website https://buyheroinonline.se/

The website looks pretty attractive, and it’s open for everyone, namely, you don’t need to register to get in the web store. A design is strict and capturing that we wanted to explore this website more. If you go down, you will see pictures of the offered products. There are placed three their advantages: worldwide shipping, highest quality, special price offer, – on the first page. We will see later if they tell truth us and their customers. The website navigation is easy. There are several tabs up to the page. You will find the Shop tab, and also News, Support Center, About Us.

This web shop offers a wide range of drugs. Let’s see closer what they have. There are Cannabis (Marijuana), Ecstasy (MDMA, XTC pills), Opioids (Heroin), Psychedelics (LCD, Mushrooms), and Stimulants (Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Amphetamine, and Anesthetic) available. So, of course, it is not all kinds of drugs, but here you can find the most popular ones. A total amount of drug positions is more than 100 items (they vary by volumes).

As I mentioned above, this website accepts not only cryptocurrency payment (Bitcoin), but also Gift Card Walmart and Direct Bank transfer, but in last two cases a customer has to pay a commission 40% and 10%, respectively. Of course, everybody knows that a payment via BTC or any other cryptocurrency is encrypted, that is, it keeps customer financial and personal data safe and anonymous. It is important, especially when you buy officially prohibited stuff. The shipping fee is individually calculated. The product prices in the market are placed in USD and EUR, and you can see: how much you need to exchange in crypto case.

Then we had a look of the domain information of the website https://buyheroinonline.se/ . This IP address was registered in 2016, 3 years ago. Such a long-term operation period means that this web store, probably, works well and has current customers. The domain is based in China.

We found this web market a little suspicious and decided to make an order ourselves to ensure in reliability of this shop. First, we passed the registration as it is necessary part before making an order. However, we didn’t get a confirmation email. So, when we went back on the website, it turned out that the script gave an error and the website stopped working. Afterwards, we went to read customer reviews on private forums. Users complained about this web store a lot, they were cheated and lost money. However some customers left positive comments.

We are waiting for your reviews as well, our readers, in case you had similar experience with this shop of drugs. Remember to be careful with drug use!


  1. Fake site well made. Do not pay! you will get nothing not even a reply

    • do u know any website that sell reputable xtc ? pls help

  2. fake 100% fake

    It’s only a fake
    0 products
    100% fake

  3. 100% scam and fake they never send anything. They took my money and with https://jaledcargologistics.com trying to get 300 more for selling license for that!!!!!. Very shit people. Never trust them

  4. No stars total scam

  5. So far seems like a scam. Spent 1k in Btc, never received anything

  6. C est des escrocs..il communique aux début et après le paiement puis plus rien .je suis surpris que le site ait deux ans et si peu de commentaires négatif

  7. Price 8G

  8. Shit ass website scam takes your money and ignores you no products and fake reviews on their website dont buy anything

  9. scam scam scam

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