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The Darknet is full of forbidden drug shops. We were looking for a decent one and exploring the Darkweb. We came across one small store here: http://ll6lardicrvrljvq.onion/ that’s called Brainmagic. This website offers a pretty wide range of drugs. So, we decided to learn more about this darknet shop. We will make our conclusion about this place at the end of the article.

First, we came on the website that turned out to be pretty welcoming. The light white-orange colored design is created very friendly. We saw a list of the available products on the homepage. The website is designed simple and understandable with no hidden tabs or system errors. There are only 4 tabs: Products, FAQs, Register, and Login. The Products tab is the homepage. There are drug descriptions and a list of offered positions for sale. Also, all the products are provided pictures and prices. If visitors want to buy something, they can choose it right on the first page – in front of each product, there is a “Buy now” button. The FAQs tab includes common information and questions that people ask frequently. You can find there the shipping info and payment details. The Register and Login tabs allow creating account and becoming a registered user.

By now this online store offers only one kind of drugs that is Psychedelics. The seller notes that all products are tested. The offered Psychedelics include several types that you can purchase out there: LSD, Mescaline HCL, and DMT freebase. The total amount of available products is 7. If you like something, you can choose it right on the first page by clicking on “Buy now”.

An accepted payment method of this web store is cryptocurrency (bitcoin). Most of these kinds of shops prefer to get payment by cryptocurrency, as this method is considered the most secure one. The crypto method keeps both sides safe and ensures that the personal and financial information of customers will not be used. All the prices come in 2 currencies: USD and BTC. This drug store is located in the USA and ships the products from the USA as well. The shipping fee is $5; however when it goes over $100 – free shipping option is included.

This web store looks quite suspicious, as they don’t place enough information on their website. We are not sure that the quality of the drugs is good; there are no any certificates of the product quality. We tried to make an order to check the quality of stuff. We couldn’t manage even to register, because the seller didn’t send us an email confirmation. We got back the website, but the script was broken and the website stopped working. Then we checked private forums on a subject of reviews about Brainmagic. We found the following information: this online store accepts btc as a payment for orders, but don’t ship the products in return. We were shocked, however then we stumbled upon the positive comments as well.

Therefore, we want you to share with us and our readers your experience with this drug shop, in case you have anything to say. We would like to understand whether this store is worth our attention or not.

Be careful not to overuse drugs – it can be dangerous for your health!


  1. Same scammers at Bitpharma. Similar logo gives them away

  2. Have you heard anything yet?

  3. I really don’t like damn scammers fuck!! If you do it again and again imma do mysterious thing in your whole damn life

  4. Added btc to wallet to make a purchase, now its telling me I do not have enough to complete purchase, and will not let me retrieve my btc.

  5. scam, order in progress indefinitely

  6. Not sure yet, just ordered a few days ago and still in processing. Also after the purchase, all of my wallet was gone and I should have had $30 left over. There is no real way to leave messages or feedback.

  7. On 13 December on Tor I sent 0.07709124 bitcoins via Electrum to BrainMagic for some LSD. I did not realize that I should have sent the money from their webpage. How do I contact BrainMagic to correct this error, either with a real order, or a refund?
    Thank you.

  8. Has anyone had a successful order from these guys?

  9. It’s a scam, DO NOT buy from them. Try looking up a reputable market place before sending money anywhere on the dark net

  10. It’s a scam. They emptied my wallet and order is stuck on processing!they are gutless pieces of SHIT. I’m old school and witnessed an Era when their was a code of honor and loyalty among dope heads and criminals alike! I hate to think it but those days are forever gone and the RATS, PUNKS, AND PUSSIES that hide behind closed doors are prevalent and waiting to stick you in the back! Brainmagic I’d love to stomp the dog fuck out of your punk(s) ass, or better yet send a 300gr.338 Lapua your way!!

  11. Yeah, just got burnt. I mean I’m sure the fag that runs that site doesn’t read this but in the event you do happen to pull your mangled little pecker out of your eurotrash boyfriends aids ridden ass, probably snorting cocaine off his balls with money you’ve been stealing from people you fucking liar, I’d just like to know if when you see money was sent to you and you know you aren’t going to do anything in exchange for it, do you actually think it makes you intelligent? ….or maybe you got busted and had the best intentions and there’s some account just accruing bitcoin with no one to claim it? If that’s the case, eat shit anyway.

  12. I found “BrainMagic” at a different onion address.

    My order has been in perpetual “in progress”. The “Messages” portion of the site says you cannot use it until you buy something. Which I have — they took my bitcoin. No message controls/button.

  13. I ordered DMT in 2019 and never received it either.

    It is a scam do not buy!

  14. Has anyone had any positive experiences with them?

  15. IT’S A SCAM!!

    Same problem as everyone else in this forum – I wish I had read it before ordering!!

    My order has been in perpetual “in progress”, no way to send “Messages” despite the statement that you can once you place an order.

    • SAME!!!
      Just ordered 130 worth and its just on “in progress”! SO PISSED!

  16. I got th same issue I made a purchase of $120 and I load my wallet with 150 and the rest of the money is gone, I think they are scammers

  17. hi any of you guys know a reliable place in US?

  18. Can’t withdraw BTC from page – no purchase made, but the page just goes to loading screen when you try to process a withdrawal. SCAM

  19. So sad…. lesson learned… one week just says In Progress… I guess it’s par for the course taking chances on the dark net… but still shouldn’t there be some kind of reprecutions other then bad reviews on a forum… like getting it shut down so they can’t basically steal from other people…
    and whats up with literally NO WAY TO EVEN CONTACT THEM???
    it’s crazy
    I can’t believe that there aren’t more than 19 reviews about being scammed…. maybe some people do get an order?

  20. SCAM

  21. yup wish I had done more research on this site, they all look sketchy so its really hard to tell but I found on the web that they had positive feedback so I lept in, its a shame that the relationship between stoner and dealer has become so sour….

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