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Bit Pharma

Bit Pharma


Today I was searching the Internet in order to find the website for purchasing some drugs. And I stumbled upon an online shop BitPharma, a link – http://s5q54hfww56ov2xc.onion.This store has a wide range of drugs. By the way, I used the Tor browser to access the site, as it is considered a banned site, for obvious reasons.

This web store looks quite simple for understanding. The first page includes the product line, where a customer can easily choose a drug and click on “Buy now” button, but then the registration form appears. It is impossible to buy anything with no having a personal account out there. Also, the website navigation has the FAQs tab and separate tabs for Registration and Login. I would say there is nothing redundant.

The store offers a variety of products – about 30 items. Also, there are a lot of users who have been already registered. The selection of available drugs on the website includes 3 lines: stimulants, psychedelics, prescription. The first line, in turn, comprises Cocaine, Speed and Meth; the second (psychedelics) – LSD, Mescaline, DMT; and the third one – Viagra, Oxycodone, Valium, etc.

This online shop accepts cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) as a payment method. The price range comes in 2 ways: in Euro and in BTC – at the same time. You can find a list of exchanges and marketplaces where you can fund your BTC account. The shipping will be charged only in the case – when cost of purchase is under 500 EUR. The shipping fee is 10 EUR for orders less 500 EUR. If you manage to collect an order that is over this exact amount, the delivery comes free. Keep in mind that this store promises to deliver your order privately.

Overall, this darkweb store looks suspicious. It seems like the website is created not only simple, but also in haste. Moreover, I proved the unreliability of the store by my personal experience. I filled out the registration form, but they didn’t send me an email with a confirmation link. Then the script gave an error, and the website stopped working. Well, I went on private forums to find more info about Bit Pharma. It turned out that former buyers were deceived by this seller. Some customers paid for their orders with bitcoin, but they didn’t receive any drugs with no further response from the seller. However, there were some positive reviews as well. This confused us even more. Anyway, this web resource doesn’t look like a reliable drug provider.

Guys, it would be great if you share with us your experience with this website. If you are going to deal with them, or you have already ordered something out there, please -leave the comments below!
Remember! Drug use is harmful to your health!


  1. Hi were is my parcel

  2. No shipping since 12 day. Be careful!

    • I ordered at 16.8.19 , and it’s still standing “in progress ” you have any information for me ?

  3. scammer! took all money from my online wallet, no shipping! order no – 0nujzp4b3yco

  4. they are scammers, emptied my bitcoin wallet when I tried to purchase from them, the order is still in progress already for 10 days, no way to contact them. AVOID

  5. no shipping for 20 days – order number 0nujzp4b3yco

  6. emptied my wallet
    no product
    not able to send message

    total scam…

  7. Definite scammer. I ordered and it never arrived. Avoid at all costs.

  8. Total SCAM folks. No package rcvd, no tracking info ever rcvd. NO CONTACT AT ALL. No active way to contact them. Only action taken on their part was to immediately steal the funds.
    DO NOT ORDER from anyone unless you can be in contact with them and that they are active daily on their site.
    Good luck to all, stay safe and PLZ, PLZ stay away from bitpharma

  9. order since 30.8 in progress no answer

  10. BitPharma SCAM! BitPharma FAKE! You account deleted! You Bitcoin steal!

  11. fake! stay away!
    order never arravied!

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