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Today after thoroughly examining Google for online stores that specialize in selling pharmacology products and recreational drugs, we came across https://www.bestplugshop.com/ website. It offers plenty of drugs of all kinds which you’re able to find on darkweb and without any prescription necessary. 

The online shop presents with many pictures and various examples of forbidden for sale drugs. For example, on the front page, you can find such products as psychedelic mushrooms, both dried and liquid, cocaine of various origin, heroin in different states, and plenty of other MDMA, ecstasy and Xanax pills available for purchase.

About BestPlugShop

BestPlugShop claims to be the best across all darknet. All due to the fact that their shop offers semi-easy access to the store, making it easier for newbies to locate the desired product in the deepweb. 

They have worldwide shipping and suggest their delivery methods are the most secure out there with nobody ever to be able to find out the identity of the customer. Compared to other darkweb shops, BestPlugShop lets you make the purchase straight from their page, other than having to surf multiple markets to find the perfect vendor. 

In terms of security, their FAQ page promises you that there is no risk ordering off their website, as everything is absolutely legit and safe, with their packages able to bypass any customs thanks to its stealth packaging technique. 

Placing the order seems rather simple as well: you have got to send your order details, including product name, quantity, and the correct shipping address. Upon confirmation, you receive your total and the estimated delivery time. To pay for your package you can either use Bitcoin, Moneygram or WesternUnion. Then all you got to do is sit back and wait for your package to arrive.

The vendors state they are only using offshore servers and non-traceable shipping methods to avoid having any information leaking. It means that it may be easier to locate the page while surfing Tor instead of any other engine, plus your personal data will only remain in their servers for a short period of time, after which it’s gone for good.

Once you finalize your purchase, you’re supposed to receive a tracking number that you can follow via the shipping service. BestPlugShop uses UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, TNT, and some other delivery services, and they’re not responsible for the exact order delivery time.

In terms of legitimacy, the shop doesn’t offer any serious proof of it, but they state that the website receives 50-100 orders every day. They base their confidence on the positive reviews and references they get from supposed customers.

When we look at the variety of drug products, we find ourselves looking at different categories that include and aren’t limited to MDMA, XTC Pills, Heroin, Cocaine, Magic Mushroom, Ketamine, Crystal Meth and a vast variety of cannabis for purchase. Prices for the said drugs vary from as little as $50 to $1000-2000 and more, all depending on the quality and quantity of your requested product.

Review of the Website’s Design Structure

The design of the shop’s webpage is rather simple and minimal, allowing easy quick access to all categories offered. Frontpage has the instant showcase of all the products they have in store, while in the footing you may choose a particular category, so you don’t have to go through them all. 

There is a decent clean and accessible menu on the website, with all important pages right there: you can read about the shop in “about us” and have all your questions answered in the FAQ section. You could also check out their contact details either in the menu bar or at the left bottom corner. Their webpage also offers a LiveChat, so you could talk to a specialist on the spot or the “compare” option to help choose the correct product. 

Whois Details

Due to privacy reasons, most information on Whois is limited but other than that the domain was registered on 06.01.2020 in Denmark. 

Scam Warning and Final Word

Despite all information given on the seller’s website, this shop appears shady and low quality. We tried to register, but the confirmation email has failed to come (neither in the main or spam folders). 

Later on, the script crashed with an error and the site stopped working altogether. After a long search for testimonials and reviews on https://www.bestplugshop.com/ website, we found out that while the shop accepts cryptocurrency as payment, they fail to proceed with the order’s delivery. The vendor might supposedly be a fraud. 

Reviews and discussions are welcome in the comments section. 

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