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BestDarkNet Review

BestDarkNet Review

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Dark web markets are becoming extinct

Dark web markets are becoming extinct, and there are at least two reasons for that. First, the majority of projects failed to find a sustainable development strategy after the law enforcement. Second, some projects were initially created as exit scams and were later abandoned by their administrations.

Law enforcement agencies use all their resources to collect evidence and intelligence against dark web markets. They often manage to identify the administration of the markets and send them behind the bars. The same might be the fate of the high-profile vendors. Dark web markets have to operate under colossal pressure, which is discouraging and demotivating both for vendors and sellers.

The above-mentioned exit scams are becoming more widespread. The term “exit scam” means that the administration suddenly quits the project, embezzling all the funds. Most markets use an escrow scheme today: sellers and buyers deposit their funds in the outlet’s financial system to secure against fraud. The administrators pretend that there is a problem with the payment system or with the site itself. They say that the works are going on, the problem will be fixed soon, and meanwhile, you can keep sending your Bitcoins to the shop. Alas, they just embezzle all the Bitcoins from the escrow system and run away. They realize that they won’t make a profit with their shop anymore, but they don’t have the dignity to call it a day in an honest way.

Fortunately, in 2015 a new unique service came into play, which acts as an intermediary between the Darknet and the regular internet – BestDarkNet. You can use it to purchase the products you need safely and easily.

How to prepare

Before you start browsing the dark web, you need to make some preparations. They will help you to stay safe and invisible.

VPN Virtual Private Network

It’s not mandatory to start using a Virtual Private Network, but it’s advisable in case you’re planning to purchase frequently or in bigger amounts.

There are quite a few VPN services on the market, so you can handily select the one that fits you best. VPNs were developed to guarantee the maximum privacy of internet users (not necessarily dark web). When you go online with a device that doesn’t have a VPN, you can be easily traced because the IP address of your device reveals your actual physical address. If you aren’t planning to share your whereabouts with anyone, you should install the Tor browser and a VPN. If you don’t know what Tor is, there will be a detailed explanation below.

A VPN service will disguise your location and identity, and also encrypt all of your internet traffic. Even your internet provider won’t be able to decrypt your traffic. Feel free to use public Wi-Fi networks — with a VPN you’ll be well protected from hacking and identity thefts. Try to make a habit of enabling a VPN each time you’re planning to download music, videos, or any other pirated content, buy drugs, guns, or other illegal stuff. If you don’t take sufficient precautions, you might end up like the founder of the infamous Silk Road project and go to jail. Law enforcement agencies try to monitor each step we make online. Probably you don’t want to become easy prey.

Before you go to the marketplace, you should properly set up your digital environment. What’s listed below should be considered as a standard minimum that keeps you safe when purchasing personal items.

PGP — Pretty Good Privacy

If you wish, you might skip this step, but it’s highly advisable that you don’t. It has a small learning curve and it’s indeed a worthy investment.

PGP was created to decrypt and encrypt sensitive messages. You should never let the seller know your physical address if your messages aren’t encrypted. If the shady service gets seized, there will be clear evidence of the crime you have committed. Before buying a PGP, please compare the functionality of its different versions. For instance, BouncyCastle libraries or iGolder won’t be particularly useful for you.

Linux is the best operating system to work with PGPs. However, if you prefer Windows or OS X, it shouldn’t be a problem. On this site we previously published detailed comprehensive guides covering PGP for all the popular operating systems.

BestDarkNet Review

In this section of the article, you’ll get to know about the main features of the shop, the concept behind it, and other meaningful aspects.

This outlet was launched in 2015. Around 500 000 happy customers have been enjoying its services monthly ever since.

Here you may find its main characteristics:

BestDarkNet has an impeccable reputation, which is an important argument in favor of using it. If you read customer reviews about larger outlets, there will be lots of negative comments. This causes doubts regarding whether you should trust these markets. But in case with BestDarkNet, negative reviews make up only 8% of the whole amount.

Now let’s examine closer all the parameters of this market.

User Interface — 5/5

The design on the site is sleek and easy, all of its elements download quickly. The outlet tries to be as user-friendly as possible. Instead of creating an elaborate design and interface, its founders opted for intuitive navigation and laconic style. So the project deserves a 5/5 rating since it fully corresponds to modern dark web market standards. From a buyer’s viewpoint, it has everything covered. Now it’s up to you to test it and make your verdict.

Assortment — 4/5

Unlike many of its competitors, BestDarkNet has a limited assortment. When it was getting started, it offered just slightly over 1500 items, which is not that impressive by the industry standards. But the speed of its evolution is breathtaking. In just 12 months it managed to expand its assortment to over 20 000 items and keeps growing. This perfectly reflects all the effort and ambitions that the founders of BestDarkNet invest in its development. The outlet has considerable perspectives for growth and improvement. It has enough potential to become one of the biggest brands in its sphere.

What can I buy in BestDarkNet?

As you might have guessed, vendors on BestDarkNet sell drugs. Here you can find an impressive assortment of diverse categories of drugs. Today the largest and the most prominent drug stores can be found online and not offline, because it takes customer service to the next level. Your choice of products is almost unlimited. You can take your time exploring the items on display, get to know their full characteristics, and compare them to each other. Currently, there are 1818 kinds of drugs listed in this shop. It makes for approximately 55% of all the products available on the market today.

In these lists there are also numerous subcategories for products with diverse characteristics. This emphasizes it once again that BestDarkNet is a client-oriented business.

Here you may find the list of subcategories:

  • LSD
  • DMT
  • WEED
  • MDMA

Judging by this screenshot, it’s easy to understand the inventory of the available items is quite long.

How safe it is for buyers

It’s a question of paramount importance. Security is not an issue to compromise with. Entrusting your money to a bogus outlet might end up in financial losses and lots of unnecessary stress.

The administration of BestDarkNet realizes that its customers want maximum security, so there should be a guarantee to the success of every transaction. There are way too many unscrupulous shops in the dark web, and customers predictably prefer to play safe.

There is a proven and reliable way to check if an outlet is trustworthy. If the information about each vendor is available, it’s a positive sign. In BestDarkNet, you can find detailed info about each vendor. That’s why we consider BestDarkNet a safe place to purchase drugs.

In each user profile in the outlet you can find both selling and buying information. Which is important, there is also a review section. Users leave their comments there and rate vendors and products. Each review is accompanied by the name of its author. This way, you can be sure that the person bought this drug in this very outlet and his or her review is based on personal experience. There is no way a paid review will be published there (either positive or negative) with the aim of advertising this business or discrediting it.

Now we should come back to the security issues and discuss them in further detail.

  1. PGP Login. All the accounts in the shop are encrypted with PGP. No outsider will be able to log into your vendor or buyer account and get access to your private data.
  2. Two or three multisig. It’s a popular and efficient solution to minimize the risk of fraud. You may use it if you have a shared budget with several friends. If there are three of you, you create a multisignature address with three keys. To sign a transaction, two keys will be enough. You won’t be able to spend the money on your own: at least one friend needs to support you. The main principle of a multisig is that only the majority can decide on how to spend the funds.
  3. Escrow supported. This is a legal scheme for making financial transactions that involve a third party. This third party holds the assets while the other two parties are making the transaction. The party that functions as a guarantor is called “escrow agent”. He or she controls the whole process and guarantees the fulfillment of obligations. Neither the buyer nor the seller can use the funds without the consent of the agent.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned aspects, BestDarkNet deserves to be rated 4 out of 5.

Buy Bitcoins

In the dark web, you can’t buy goods with the same currency that you use in casual life. Bitcoin transactions are anonymous, and it’s nearly impossible to trace them. Also, it’s hardly possible to identify the owner of a Bitcoin wallet even if you know the address of this wallet.

You’ll need to buy Bitcoins — that is, to exchange dollars, euros, or any other fiat currency to cryptocurrency. The easiest way to do it is to go to LocalBitcoin.com. It’s a peer-to-peer system where users who want to sell Bitcoin find customers and conduct transactions without intermediaries. Some crypto vendors might ask you to send them a scan of your passport, ID, or driving license. Others would prefer to meet you face-to-face and ask for cash in exchange for Bitcoins. The smaller the amount of the deal, the less the fuss.

Of course, it’s not the only possible way to get Bitcoin. You can choose any other method relying on your previous experience with cryptocurrency and your personal preferences. But mind it that https://localbitcoins.com/ indeed deserves its popularity because it allows you to make truly anonymous deals.

If there is a site you should avoid by all means, it will be Coinbase. It is said to be banning accounts involved in Darkweb Market deposits, so it would be wiser to avoid the unnecessary risk.

Buying Bitcoins through Tor is quite a cumbersome option. You may do it if you wish, but there is no reason to hide: it’s legal to buy Bitcoin, and you can do it through your regular browser.

BestDarkNet Review: Conclusion

So this was the full and up-to-date information on BestDarkNet.

Arguments in favor of using this store:

  1. It’s 100% anonymous, and your purchase will be successful.
  2. You can check the info about the vendor.
  3. The interface is sleek and intuitive.

Arguments in favor of using this store:

  1. Its assortment is somewhat limited if compared to other shops.

Hopefully, this review helped you get a general notion of the BestDarkNet store. If you have already used the services of this shop, please feel free to share your experience in the comments and compare it to the other outlets. We’ll be glad to know your opinion.


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