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Berlusconi Market

Berlusconi Market


These days we can’t freely search the Internet, the governments of many countries forbid and block a lot of websites and markets. Therefore, the DarkNet helps out users who want to buy something illegal. I was searching the DarkNet on a subject of drugs and stumbled upon the website http://hky3mzk3jtmd4zt4.onionBerlusconi Market. It turned out that this web market offers a lot of different allowed things, prohibited drugs and chemicals at the same time. I decided to get closer to this web store that intrigued me.

The website is designed to be a huge web market for all people necessaries. However, site navigation looks quite difficult; it can take a whale of time to find something out there. Access to the site requires registration or login. It means that all newcomers have to create an account to enter. It seems like a rule for better protection. If users have any questions about the website or about products, they can visit the Forum tab or contact a customer service. This web market operates as a free market where vendors can find their customers and vice versa.

Let’s look through the offered drug products. If you manage to find the Drugs tab, you will see a long list of available kinds. It’s like an embarrassment of riches. You can buy Benzos, Cannabis & Hashish, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Prescription, Steroids, Stimulants, Tobacco, Psychedelics, Paraphernalia, and so on out there. Whatever your soul and mind wants! A total amount of available positions counts 15370. Besides drugs, the website sells jewels, digital products, software, weapons, counterfeit items, etc.

The payment policy of the website is based on cryptocurrency using. This web market accepts only bitcoin as a payment method. The exchange courses of USD/BTC, EUR/BTC, and GBT/BTC you can find in the fetcher of the website. Almost all prices come in EUR and BTC for easier calculation. The crypto method is the safest way for both sides to remain anonymous when you buy/sell illegal things.

We decided to investigate this darknet store Berlusconi Market properly. We tried to make an order, but it wasn’t complete as the payment wasn’t sent. We chose a couple of products and formed the order, and then we prepared a necessary amount of btc. But the payment wasn’t done, there was a script error, and then the website stopped working from that moment. The private forums also gave us contradictory reviews about this darkweb shop. Some users were sure that we shouldn’t trust this web market, although the others liked their vendors and currently order on the website. So, we couldn’t make a conclusion, that’s why we ask you to share with us and our readers your opinion and experience about this particular web store.

Remember, overuse of drugs leads to the bad consequences!


  1. market is down. captcha wont work it keeps redirecting to other links

  2. it exit scamed and went dark, the capta ia all thats left

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